The ability to perform large trading operations with digital assets without a noticeable influence on their prices was significantly reduced after FTX collapse. This conclusion was reached by KAIKO analysts.

Glassnode recorded the growth of “paper” losses of bitcoin-hoplings

The unrealized loss of the “average” long-term bitcoin investor reached 33%, Glassnode analysts shared calculations.

Analysts pointed to the persistence of the Hodler and the stress of miners against the background of the collapse of FTX

Reducing the balance of Hodler does not indicate a widespread loss of confidence in the prospects of digital gold. However, miners, against the background of the FTX collapse of turbulence, got rid of 9.5% of bitcoin reserves, indicated in Glassnode.

Analysts indicated $ 21,100-23 500 as a resistance for bitcoin

The early signs of demand coincided with the reward of the record for the number of bitcoins at the disposal of the Hodler. To continue the growth of digital gold, it is necessary to overcome resistance in the form of a number of onchain-metrics, Glassnode analysts noted.

XRP growth and reduction in bitcoin share in investor portfolios – market analysis from EXMO.Com

Cryptocurrency Exchange Exmo.COM published the results of a study of cryptorrhoids for the third quarter of 2022.

Analysts predicted bitcoin consolidation in the range of $ 16,500–21 100

The course of the first cryptocurrency remains in the range of $ 16,500–21 100, reflecting the fragile balance of supply and supply. The indicators signal the absence of the transition of the initiative from the bears to the bulls and the risk of a new wave of redistribution of coins, the Glassnode analysts write.

Glassnode purchased a crypto portfoles of Accents.Com

Glassnode oncchain-analytics provider absorbed the Accidents platform.COM, which specializes in the formation of crypto portraits and calculating taxes for UK raises budget digital assets.

Glassnode examined the bull and bear scripts on bitcoin

Glassnode analysts presented arguments in favor of optimistic and negative scenarios of further development of the Bitcoin situation. The current historically low values ​​of volatility indicate the coming exit from consolidation.

Analysts warned of the upcoming surge of volatility

A decrease in the implied and realized volatility to historical minimums created a combination of “wild” quotes in the near future. This was reported by Glassnode experts.

Analysts proposed to accumulate bitcoin against the background of signs of the formation of the bottom

Bitcoin is able to break the connection with traditional risky assets. This can happen due to the realization of investors that most of the threats come from governments and fiat currencies, Lookintobitcoin experts allowed.

Analysts pointed to the signs of the formation of the bottom of the price of bitcoin

Based on the analysis of behavioral patterns, the structure of the market and the hectic-indicators Bitcoin are close to the completion of the bear market. This is written by Glassnode analysts.

Analysts rated the “pain threshold” of miners at $ 18,300

78 400 BTC may be at the risk of liquidation in the case of Bitcoin price departure below $ 18,300, which follows from the regression model of the complexity of production. Such grades were received by Glassnode analysts.

Analysts indicated the continuation of the “detoxification” stage of bitcoin

Bitcoin price overcame the psychological level of $ 20,000. Hodler retain resistance, supporting the full cycle of the “detox” market, writes Glassnode analysts.

Glassnode: The emission on Ethereum has decreased by 92.8% after The Merge

Four days after the Ethereum blockchain transition to the Proof-OF-Stake consensus algorithm, the daily emission of coins decreased by 92.87%-from 48,400 ETH to 3893 ETH. Such grades were given by Glassnode analysts.

In August, “awakened” related to MT.GOX bitcoin purses

On August 29, a cluster with 10,000 BTC, which has been in the “hibernation” since 2013, came into motion. Researchers discovered his connection with the bankrupt exchange of MT.Gox, the FORKLOG report said.

Glassnode allowed a drop in bitcoin price by $ 17,000

The stability of bitcoin prices is higher than the minimum of June ($ 17,600) on the shoulders of speculators, which may encounter another wave of surrender. According to Glassnode calculations, in this case, the price may feel support at $ 17,000.

Glassnode: Bitcoin holds $ 20,000 contrary to weak metrics

Speculators use bouncers for Bitcoin sales against the background of a weakness of the onchain-metrics. The price does not return to minimums due to the lack of serious pressure of sellers, according to Glassnode analysts.

What is onchain analysis and how to use it?

What is onchain analysis and why it is needed? What canchain indicators exist? How onchain analysis helps to fight financial crimes? Explain in the cards.

What is a short-cut?

What is a short-cut? How it arises? What are the ways to reduce the risk of losses from it? We answer in the cards.

Glassnode doubted the continuation of the recovery rally bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices in recent days are not accompanied by a fundamental improvement in the data. This does not give confidence in a cardinal change in the market situation, according to Glassnode analysts.

Glassnode: Bitcoin will need time to turn off

Bitcoin’s price pushed up from the level of $ 20,000. Long -term indicators suggest that an additional time may be required to form a strong foundation. Glassnode analysts warned about this.

What is MVRV indicator?

What is MVRV indicator and how to use it to analyze the cryptocurrency market? We tell in educational cards forklog.

Glassnode: The market has not yet formed a confident bottom

Bear Bitcoin Bear has reached the final stage with signs of deep surrender, but the signals of the bottom achievement have not yet been formed. This conclusion was reached by Glassnode analysts.

Glassnode: Only Hodler remained on guard of the market

A record decrease in bitcoin price in June practically led the remnants of “market tourists” from the game, leaving “only Hodler” at the front “. Glassnode analysts came to such conclusions.

Glassnode: The collapse of the market changed the behavior of a part

Many indicators indicate that the market is part of the “deepest phase of the bear cycle”.

Glassnode: Most Hodler continues to build up positions in Bitcoin

Terra collapse pushed part of the long-term bitcoin investors to fix losses, but many Hodler used a price of price below $ 30,000 to increase positions. Glassnode analysts came to such conclusions.

Glassnode: Bitcoin approached a fair price against the background of the collapse of Ust

The Bitcoin course decreased by a distance of 10% to its fair price with a minimum update for 17 months. This happened against the backdrop of the collapse of the stabelcoin UST and the associated turbulence, the Glassnode analysts reported.

Glassnode indicated positive shifts in Bitcoin fundamental metrics

In conditions of reducing activity in the market of bitcoin deryvativa, the formation of structural medium and long-term trends is observed. Glassnode analysts came to such conclusions.

Glassnode analysts allowed the Bitcoin bottom

Bitcoin cannot escape beyond the range formed since February, however, the process of redistributing coins from speculative investors to the Hodler has already been completed. A similar script was not excluded in Glassnode.

Glassnode: Fixing profit and restrained demand for pushing bitcoin to the previous range

Bitcoin did not confirm a breakthrough of consolidation up due to a wave of profit fixation. The market has yet to wait for a noticeable influx of funds or new users, noted in Glassnode.

ASOPR indicator pointed to improve market sentiments in the second half of March

Against the background of moderate market recovery since mid -March, the ASOPR (7MA) indicator is held above the mark of 1. This indicates improving market moods and fixing profit by most market participants.

Glassnode analysts noted the passage of the Bitcoin of half the bear market

Despite numerous macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges, Bitcoin with a high probability has moved to the second half of the bear market. This opinion is shared by Glassnode analysts.

Glassnode analysts warned of the upcoming surge of the volatility of bitcoin

The growth of the implied volatility and the increase in leverage in the derivatives market indicate the likelihood of the start of sharp fluctuations in bitcoin prices. Glassnode analysts came to such conclusions.

Glassnode analysts allowed the final surrender of bitcoin investors

The uncertainty associated with geopolitics and the Federal Security Council has weakened the accumulation of bitcoins by the Hodler. Given the high share of “unprofitable” coins with short -term holders, final surrender is not excluded, according to the Glassnode report.

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