Charles Hoskinson considered an excessive hype around The Merge

The transition of the Ethereum network to the consensus algorithm Proof-OF-STAKE (POS) did not affect either blockchain performance, operational costs, or liquidity. This was stated by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

“ETH 2.0 requires at least [hardcore] Shanghai in 2023 […]. My forecast has not changed. You understand that nothing has changed?””, He said.

Hoskinson reacted to the irony of the user, who reminded the founder of Cardano his forecast, which Ethereum 2.0 is worth waiting in 2024. He made it clear that the expectations concerned the final product, and the merger was just another step towards it.

The activation of The Merge lays the basis for the next upgrade – Surge. The latter will allow Ethereum to process up to 100,000 transactions per second thanks.

Hoskinson also expressed concern that Proof-OF-Stake will begin to perceive as a consensus mechanism with high centralization, which does not correspond to reality with respect to Cardano.

“Now the era begins when everyone thinks that all POS work the same way as it is implemented in Ethereum. Maximalists will attack Cardano for sling and give us the labels of all the problems inherent in the second currency capitalization “, He explained.

Now Begins The Era of Eveony Assuming that All Proof of Stake Works Like Ethereum’s Proof of Stake. The Maxis Will Attack Cardano for Slacing and Label All The Ethereum Problems As Ours. Thanks jack https: // t.Co/XPL4OYNOEM

– Charles Hoskinson (@iohk_Charles) September 15, 2022

Recall that the developers activated a large -scale update in the main network Ethereum September 15 at 9:42 (Kyiv/MSC).

Earlier in the prospects of Ethereum, the technical director of Bitfinex and Tether Paolo Ardoino doubted.

The founder of Consensys and one of the creators of Ethereum, Joseph Lyubin, called The Merge the third major event in the industry after the appearance of bitcoin and the creation of the second in capitalization of cryptocurrency.

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