The Swiss company Art Recognition involved AI to verify the authenticity of the painting “Portrait of a Woman (Gabriel)” allegedly French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Bitcoin Magazine opened an exhibition in honor of the founder of Silk Road

Bitcoin Magazine opened in Nashville (Tennessee, USA) an exhibition space dedicated to the founder of the Silk Road darknetplais to Ross Ulbricht.

The enthusiast involved Stable Diffusion neural network for selfie processing

German enthusiast Fabian Shtelzer used online tools based on the popular Stable Diffusion neural network to process his selfie in different styles.

Christie’s launched a venture fund for investment in Web3 and blockchain solutions

The British Auction House Christie’s announced the launch of a venture fund focused on technological companies that develop products in the field of art.

Kalush Orchestra sold a reward for Eurovision-2022 Crypto-Ride

The Kalush Orchestra, winning in Eurovision-2022, sold its award for $ 900,000.

Farrell Williams called Web 3.0 “The key to the revolution” in the financial system

Blockchain and decentralized web3 technologies will be the key to the revolution, which will shake the musical industry, financial system and world governments, said Rapper Farrell Williams.

Etoro will launch a NFT project support program for $ 20 million

Friendly to cryptocurrencies, the Etoro investment platform announced the launch of Etoro.ART with financing $ 20 million. The initiative is aimed at supporting novice creators of NFT and acquiring tokens of well -known collections.

Aksenov Family Foundation will set the NFT work of modern Russian artists

From February 10 to March 7, Aksenov Family Foundation will carry out a NFT job of key modern Russian artists.

National Museum of Ukraine opened the sale of NFT expons

On February 1, the National Art Museum of Ukraine in collaboration with the Estonian startup Stampsdaq launched tenders with paintings in the form of NFT.

The St. Petersburg art project began selling shares in the picture of Renoir in NFT format

The St. Petersburg Cultural Space “Third Place” began the sale of non -replaceable tokens (NFT), granting the right to own the paintings of the French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir “Double Portrait of Jeanne Bodo”.

Ilyich from Little Big presented a crypto with 3D sculptures

Little Big soloist Ilya Prusikin announced a collection of 1000 NFT-Yaits called CCKY. The drop will take place on December 3 on the Opensea marketplace.

Miramax filed a lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino due to NFT based on the “Crime Fix”

Miramax filed a lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino, who accused him of violating the contract, copyrights and of unfair competition. So the film studio reacted to his plans for the release of the NFT collection based on the 1994 film “Crime Reading”, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Sotheby’s will sell Banksi’s paintings at an offline for Ethereum

Sotheby’s will put up two works by street artist Banksy for sale. Participants in The Now in the New York Action House will be able to bet on Ethereum along with fiat currency.

Quentin Tarantino will release NFT with a secret based on “Crime Fit”

Cinema director Quentin Tarantino will present a collection of seven NFT based on the 1994 film “Crime Cheativo”. Tokens owners will gain access to exclusive author’s content.

Lampas painted a duck for NFT games for 3.8 million rubles

The Russian artist Pravz Lampas sold an exclusive NFT NFT for blockchain game Waves Ducks for a record $ 55,000.

The ART Blocks NFT-collection was bought in an hour. She brought the author 1623 ETH

Artist Monica Ritztsoli earned 1623 ETH (about $ 5.4 million at the time of the transaction) for the sale of the NFT series “Fragments of the Infinite Field” on the Marketplais Art Blocks.

Bloomberg: Marvel and DC forbade artists to sell their characters in the form of NFT

Publishers of Marvel Comics and DC Comics forbade authors of comics to sell their work in the form of non -replaceable tokens (NFT).

The Hermitage settled the conflict due to NFT vocalist Rammstein

The State Hermitage allowed the use of images of its interiors in the NFT collection of German musician Till Lindemanne.

The Hermitage announced the start of NFT sales at the Binance marketplace

State Hermitage and Marketplais Binance NFT announced the beginning of sales of tokenized works of art from a limited digital collection. FORKLOG was told about this in the press service of the company.

NFT from the Art Blocks collection was sold for $ 3.3 million

The Art Blocks project announced the record sale of NFT FIDENZA #313 from the collection of generative images for 1000 ETH (over $ 3.3 million at the time of the transaction).

Lampas painted NFT on Binance marketplace for 2.5 million rubles

Russian artist Arseniy Pyzhenkov, known under the pseudonym, was sold on the Binance NFT marketplace in the form of an incorrect https://gagarin.news/news/ukrainian-security-services-arrested-a-cryptocurrency-wallet-used-to-receive-money-for-russian-troops/ token. He reported this in his Instagram account.

Rammstein vocalist and Hermitage have a conflict due to NFT

Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann put up for sale a collection of NFT, based on a video material shot in the interiors of the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The museum announced violation of the agreement.

Hermitage and Binance NFT tocenize works of art from the museum collection

State Hermitage and Marketplais Binance NFT announced the release of tokenized works of art from the Museum collection. FORKLOG was told about this in the press service of the company.


Swiss adjustable cryptocurrency bank Sygnum tocenizes the work of Pablo Picasso Fillette au Béret. Professional and institutional investors will be able to buy a share of ownership of a picture for 1000 Swiss francs.

Hermitage and Binance started negotiations on the release of NFT

The State Hermitage is negotiating Binance Exchange regarding NFT release and the sale of tokenized works of art.

Potap will launch the limited NFT on the Binance marketplace

Ukrainian producer and rap artist Potap announced cooperation with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange for NFT release.

Lampas will introduce Binance NFT MARKETPLECE Calligraphuturism manifesto

BINANCE and Russian Calraphist Krasn Lampas announced cooperation as part of the creation and release of work in the form of NFT on the market market for the exchange. This was reported by FORKLOG by its representatives.

The auction house Phillips will accept cryptocurrency to pay for the Banksi painting

The British auction house Phillips is ready to sell the work “Laugh Now Panel A” street artist Banksy for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

11 digital portraits Marilyn Monroe will be sold in the form of NFT

Owning the main share of intellectual property rights Marilyn Monroe, Authentic Brands Group (ABG), put up for sale a collection of NFT, inspired by the legendary American actress.

The famous frame “Exceptions of an alien” will be sold as NFT for $ 1.2 million

Frame from black and white film "Opening an alien" 1995, which allegedly captures the corpse of an alien on the operating table, will be sold at the Rarible online auction.

Alyona Alyona sold the GALAS track in the form of NFT for $ 7700

Ukrainian rap artist Alyona Alyona sold the title track from the new Galas album in NFT format.

An exhibition of NFT art will take place in Moscow

From June 1 to 30, Moscow will be held in Moscow Collab Art Moment, at which artists will present exhibits in the form of NFT.

Researchers created AI, predicting the sound of the violin according to its scheme

The team of researchers from the Polytechnic University Milan has developed an artificial intelligence system that can help manufacturers of tools to determine how a home -made violin can sound.

The work of Banksy was sold for $ 12.9 million at an auction with cryptocurrency support

Sotheby’s sold the work of Banksy “Love in the Air” [Love is in the Air] for $ 12.9 million. The auction house noted that this is his first experience in organizing a trading of an physical work of art with the possibility of paying cryptocurrencies.

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