LDO grew due to demand for staining; blockchain project from US banks

After the collapse of the FTX, native decentralized exchanges show the best results throughout the market. GMX token, a decentralized exchange with a spot market and unlimited futures-based futures, grew 72% of the lowest value for November and completely recovered from the fall due to FTX. The growth of such tokens is due to the fact that decentralized exchanges can increase their share in the market due to centralized platforms. We drew attention to GMX for two reasons. Firstly, this is the largest protocol based on arbitrum. The GMX has low gas and high -through capacity commissions thanks to the decision of the Ethereum level 2 to ensure trading with the book of orders. Secondly, GMX offers real profitability to Steiking participants, distributing awards mainly in Ether. This attracts more GMX holders to the platform and reduces the volatility of tokens.

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The schedule of the day

The hope that the Fed will slow down the increase in the rate, has strengthened – there has been more data that inflation has already reached a peak level. In this regard, US shares have grown. NASDAQ 100 index has closed at the highest level since September. However, geopolitical tension increases and can aggravate the uncertainty of macroeconomics.

Recent inflation data also positively influenced the cryptocurrency market. At the time of writing this text, BTC is slowly approaching a level of $ 17,000, slightly increasing over the past 24 hours. The largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization will most likely receive a significant impetus as soon as it closes above the resistance zone from $ 17,000 to $ 17,200. The price of ETH practically did not move over the past day and remained higher than $ 1250. A slight recovery in the options market balanced the implied volatility of the contracts “with money” and reduced the gap between the implied and realized volatility.

On Wednesday, altcoins with medium and large capitalization continued the rally. Chz and Algo increased most of all – by a two -digit percentage for the same period of time. LDO Token jumped 7.7% over the past 24 hours due to growing demand for eThereum streaming. At the same time, the EThereum stake coefficient on the platform reached 10% against the background of the increased maximum income from the block and new capabilities of repeated staining.

The whole city is buzzing about this

Traditional financial Singapore’s Crypto organizations have taken another step into the world of digital currencies against the background of the raging situation with FTX. On Tuesday, significant participants in the US banking community, including HSBC, MasterCard and Wells Fargo, announced the launch of the project with the evidence of the concept (POC – Proof of Concept), which considers the creation of a compatible digital money platform called RegulaBility Network (RLN). This network will use blockchain technology to confirm financial calculations. It will include large players as central, commercial banks and regulated non -bank credit organizations. The project will work in a test environment with imitated data and in no case reflect the reduction of the Fed to digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC).