The volume of SOLANA NFT exceeded 300,000 tokens

Despite the general cooling of the market, the number Pharma Bro’s token of non -replaceable tokens (NFT) has increased sharply on the SOLANA blockchain. September 7, the indicator reached 312,000, the analysts of The Block said.

In parallel, the trading volumes of collection assets on the network also jumped. On September 6, the amount amounted to 373,760 SOL (~ $ 13 million) – the largest daily value since May.

Against this background, in the aggregate rating of marketplaces, the largest Magic Eden NFT platform on the network has grown a market share since the beginning of the month. The indicator increased from 12% to 36.6% (on September 7).

One of Twitter users noted that Solana surpassed all blockchains in terms of bidding, including traditionally leading in the Ethereum segment.

In a commentary for the publication, the co -founder of the MetaPlex MarketPlex MarketPlex, Stephen Hess suggested that the low entrance threshold for the creators played his role.

“This is very similar to a“ cold call ”-many did not perceive the NFT space on Solana seriously. However, over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a breakthrough in trust, ”he emphasized.

According to Hess, users will be able to release a “million NFT for 50 SOL” thanks to the new platform program. At the time of writing, the mining of one collection token on the site costs 0.3 SOL (~ $ 10.4).

Recall that in September, the creator of the NFT-collection of Y00TS and DeGODS startup DUST Labs based on SOLANA attracted $ 7 million strategic investments.

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