Openai will allocate $ 10 million for AI-Startapes in the early stages

The Openai organization has launched the Convertege program in order to provide AI-Startaps in the early stages of development of capital, as well as access to its technologies and resources.

According to the company, the project will finance the supported by Microsoft and other partners of the Openai Startup Fund Fund $ 100 million.

The founders of ten or less startups selected in the Converter program will receive $ 1 million each. They will also be given a five-day admission to working hours, seminars and events involving Openai employees and early access to algorithms and “software tools adapted for and companies”.

“We are pleased to meet with groups at all stages of the sowing stage: from the founders of single-lone ones with only the idea, to the teams of the co-founders who are already working on the product,” the company blog says.

According to the AI-Laboratory, representatives of all layers of society and disciplines with any level of experience with or without or without technologies can participate in the program.

The deadline for filing applications is November 25. Openai also noted that even after this date they will continue to evaluate those who wish for future programs.

In 2021, during the announcement of the creation of Openai Startup Fund, the company promised recipients of trenches to provide access to Azure resources from Microsoft.

However, it is still unclear whether these advantages are provided for the participants of Converge.

Recall that in October it turned out that Microsoft plans to increase investments in the Openai AI laboratory.

In the same month, it became known that Google is negotiating about $ 200 million in the Cohere-Startap, which develops decisions in the field of natural speech processing.

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