Photoroom learned to change the background in photographs

Photo editor Photoroom received the function of Magic Studio, which uses artificial intelligence to personalize marketing images. About this writes The Verge.

Magic Studio is based on the image generator at the Stable Diffusion text request. To use the function, the user needs to upload a photo of the product, describe the item in one word and the desired background.

Then the algorithm will automatically remove the background and place the element in the new image. The result is sent by e -mail within a few minutes.

Magic Studio cannot be used to shoot people or animals.

According to developers, the tool is intended for online seller. Magic Studio allows consumers to quickly create images ready for placement in the set of custom -made templates pre -configured for platforms like ebay or shopify.

According to users, loaded objects sometimes look distorted or completely replaced.

The tool also does not work well with the pictures that depict human hands.

The Magic Studio function is available for Photoroom Pro subscribers using the English version. Its cost is $ 9.49 per month or $ 46.99 per year.

Recall that in October, Shutterstock expanded the partnership with Openai to sell stock images generated by the Dall-E 2 model.

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