The developers of the Ethereum Pow Bill could not immediately start the network

A few hours after the activation of The Merge update on the main network Ethereum, the Fork team Etherempow (EthW) ​​announced the launch of the mainnet, but faced problems.

Oklink data show activity on the network. The volume of transactions reached 3.73 million ETHW. The number of addresses is 254.5 million.

The project advanced by the chainer group, led by Chandler GO, is designed to maintain the ability to obtain the “original broadcast” in the chain on the consensus algorithm Proof -off (POW) after the Ethereum transition to Proof-OF-STAKE (POS).

The network of the second in capitalization of cryptocurrency successfully migrated on September 15 at 9:42 (Kyiv/MSC). At about 17 o’clock, ETHW developers published the main network identifiers.

Users reported problems with access to the network. At the time of writing, the blockchain-browser does not work.

The discussion found that the developers used the Chain ID network identifier, owned by the Bitcoin Cash dusk called Amber.

Some commentators recalled that many warned the fork team about the wrong choice of value that is already used.

Announcing the launch of the main network within 24 hours after The Merge, ETHW developers noted that the solution of technical problems will take a certain time. Among the latter, they called the successful switching of the network identifier from the value of Ethereum.

Against the background of events, the price of EthW token per day collapsed by almost 68% – up to $ 13.26. On the eve of the merger of quotes rose above $ 60.

The volume of trading in 24 hours jumped by 1896%, up to $ 121 million. The token in the form of debt receipts is traded for almost two dozen platforms, including FTX, Huobi, Bybit and others.

Among the latter was Poloniex, however, on September 15, before the announcement of the launch of the ETHW, the platform stated that she made a choice in favor of another POW car-Ethereumfair (ETF).

Recall that in August the head of the ETC Cooperative Bob Summerville in an open letter to Chandler Go expressed doubts about the realization and viability of the Fork. He An interview with urged to abandon the project and join the Ethereum Classic mining.

After Ethereum migration on POS, the ETC hashrate has grown from about 65 Th/S, to 290 Th/S. The daily growth was almost 350%.

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