Scientists have created a laser and tour to destroy cockroaches

The team of researchers tested a laser device for detecting and neutralizing insects automated using computer vision technology.

The system developed by the researcher at the University of Herito-Uatt Ildar Rachmatulin is based on the Jetson Nano-Nano-computer from NVIDIA.

“This decision allowed me to use deep learning technologies with higher accuracy of the detection of objects,” the researcher noted.

The mini-computer processes a digital signal from two chambers installed on the turrets to determine the position of the cockroach. Then he transfers this information to the galvanometer, which changes the direction of the laser to defeat the target.

Scientists tested the device at different laser power levels. It turned out that with low intensity, radiation affects the behavior of cockroaches, forcing them to KuCoin cooperates respond to light. Higher power laser is able to kill the insect.

According to Rakhmatulin, all the necessary devices cost no more than $ 250. He published the data used, assembly instructions and the source code of the project for GitHub.

Although the prototype is suitable for academic research, the device requires finalization before deploying.

Researchers noted that a smaller laser point turned out to be more effective when destroying cockroaches, but it is difficult to realize it experimentally. It would also be useful to control the area of ​​insect damage, the document says.

Scientists recommended not to use the AI-Tourill of the house.

“This is a little dangerous – a laser can harm not only cockroaches, but also eyes,” Rakhmatulin warned.

Recall that in July, researchers from the University of Rice turned dead spiders into robots that could capture small objects.

In May 2021, scientists created AI-algorithm for recognizing tiger mosquitoes in photographs.

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