In the United States, two KNR scouts were accused of bribing a civil servant of bitcoins

The US prosecutor’s office in absentia brought to two Chinese intelligence officers a charge of bribing a civil servant to obstruct justice. The amount amounted to approximately $ 61,000 in bitcoin.

According to the statement, Gochun He and Zhang Van tried to recruit an official to steal documents related to the “investigation and judicial persecution of the global telecommunication company” from China.

In fact, the employee acted as a double agent and was under the control of the FBI .

“It was an egregious attempt by Chinese intelligence officers to protect the company based in the PRC from responsibility and undermine Cryptocurrency the integrity of our judicial system,” Merrik Garland General Prosecutor General General Prosecutor General Monday said on Monday.

According to the media, we are talking about investigation against Huawei.

Chinese intelligence officers instructed the “recruited” employee to steal the information of interest to them. In October 2021, he sent them through an encrypted messenger a page of the alleged internal memorandum of the prosecutor’s office with the heading “Secret”. The document discussed a plan for the prosecution and arrest of two current employees of the company living in China.

Gochun He described the document as “what was expected from him,” and he passed the authenticity test. Then the officer paid the agent about $ 41,000 in Bitcoin allegedly from the persecuted company.

In September 2022, he transferred $ 20,000 to the American civil servant in cryptocurrency. On the explanations of HE, to highlight an additional reward was decided by its organization.

Suspects are also accused of laundering money. If guilty of both HE points, up to 60 years in prison, is found to Van up to 20 years old.

Recall that in October in the United States, a resident of California was accused of washing $ 5.3 million through bitcoin and drug trafficking. He can get 20 years of imprisonment for each item.

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