India authorities froze $ 2.5 million related to E-Nuggets

The Law Enception Office (ED) of the Ministry of Finance of India directed the Binance request to block the decentralized application of the E-Nuggets 150.22 BTC (~ $ 2.5 million). Developers are accused of laundering money.

The total amount What do you need of frozen assets in this case is estimated at $ 8.4 million.

In February 2021, the law enforcement agencies of the city of Calcutta received a complaint against the creator of DAPP Amir Khan. It said that he and his assistants launched E-Nuggets, attracted “significant amounts” from the population, after which they suddenly blocked the withdrawal of funds and deleted all the data from the application.

The whereabouts of the khan is unknown from the moment the investigation began.

ED reported that “more than 300 accounts on cryptocurrency platforms were used to launder money”.

At the beginning of 2022, law enforcement agencies managed to get freezing related to E-Nuggets 77.6 BTC (~ $ 1.5 million).

Recall that in September, the Indian bitcoin-tour of Wazirx gained access to its bank accounts blocked by ED. Funds were frozen due to suspicions of laundering $ 350 million.

In August, CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao said that the company had never owned a share in Zanmai Labs standing behind Wazirx. According to him, the transaction declared in November 2019 did not end.

Subsequently, the co -founder of Wazirx niche Shetti denied the statements of Zhao regarding the relationship of companies. According to him, there are all documents confirming the sale, but he cannot show them “for legal reasons”.

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