VR and robots will be combined to assist the wounded soldiers

British scientists are developing a system consisting of a VR-helmet and a medical robot to provide first aid to the wounded soldiers on https://gagarin.news/news/the-6-most-expensive-cryptocurrencies-in-the-world/ the battlefield. The report is said in the report of the University of Sheffield.

According to researchers, doctors outside the front will be able to wear virtual reality headset and manage devices like robotic surgeons.

Currently, resources to assist the wounded soldiers are limited. Military paramedics, working on the front line, often perform work with a significant risk. If the patient needs further care, his movement to a safe place with appropriate conditions may take hours or days.

The television system developed will allow medical personnel to use the robot to collect data without leaving the battlefield. Such machines are able to take smears and samples of blood, measure temperature and blood pressure.

Also, the device will be able to send photos and videos of injuries to remote medical workers, which will allow them to evaluate and, possibly, treat the patient remotely.

Surgical leader of the Sanya Dogramadzi project considers the initiative to be a saving measure.

“The development of a remotely controlled robotic system will significantly reduce the risks that military personnel faces on the advanced. Our platform uses the latest technologies and integrates them in such a way that there was no before, ”she said.

Scientists plan to test the system in a realistic script and demonstrate the potential of technology to save lives in the future.

Recall that in October it became known about cases of malaise among the military due to the use of HoloLens headsets.

In the same month, the Israeli army launched an autonomous turret near the refugee camp on the western bank of the Jordan River.

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