Templedao cracker sent assets to Tornado Cash

The hacked Defi project Templedao unknown transferred stolen funds to the Tornado Cash Ethereum Mixer.

On October 11, the attacker took advantage of the error in the Templedao smart contract and abducted 1831 ETH (~ $ 2.3 million) in one of the stake storage facilities.

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The protocol team promised to return funds to injured users.

The hacker initially sent a 0.1 ETH transaction to the mixing service, and then made several translations to 100 ETH.

On August 8, 2022, OFAC entered the Tornado Cash website to the sanctions list. 39 Ethereum- and 6 USDC addresses on suspicion of laundering more than $ 7 billion fell under the restrictions.

On August 12, the Netherlands authorities arrested the developer of the service Alexei Pertsev. The court left him in custody at least until the end of October.

CEO of Kraken cryptocurrency exchange Jess Powell called sanctions against Tornado Cash unconstitutional, and TRM Labs analysts – a call for compliance.

The organization to promote and protect the interests of the Coin Center crypto industry filed a lawsuit against OFAC for measures introduced against the mixer.

Recall that in early October, the cracker of the decentralized Exchange Transit Swap took advantage of the mixing service.

The current month became a record in volume of cryptocurrencies stolen by hackers in 2022, according to Chainalysis. Since October 1, Defi Protokols lost $ 718 million as a result.

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