3-NDFL as a source of origin

You need to pay tax on income from cryptocurrency transactions now. As a general rule, any income is taxed. In accordance with. 1 tbsp. 41 and Art. 271 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the income is recognized as $ 7 million: the economic benefit in monetary or natural form. Economic benefit is understood to expose income over expenses.

Each individual who is a tax resident of the Russian Federation is obliged to pay income tax.

  • 13% will need to be paid from income less or equal to 5 million. rubles received for the tax period (calendar year).
  • 15% and 650 thousand rubles (this is 13% of 5 million. rubles) it will be necessary to pay from income exceeding 5 million. rubles for the tax period (calendar year).

The obligation to pay tax on income from operations with digital currency (cryptocurrency) is provided for in accordance with the letter of the Federal Tax Service of Russia from 04.06.2018 No. BS-4-11/10685@ “On the procedure for taxation of personal income” .

To pay tax, it is necessary to fill out and submit a tax return in the form of 3-NDFL. You can use the convenient BitNALOG service, which automatically calculates the tax from all cryptocurrency transactions for the tax period, and also forms the finished 3 personal income tax declaration for submitting to the tax. The deadline for filing a declaration in 2022. – until May 4, the tax payment term is no later than July 15.

Acts to file a tax return of 3-NDFL and pay tax allow not only to fulfill tax duties, but also to reduce possible problems in the future when working with banks on 115-ФЗ.

Recently, the number of map locks due to cryptocurrency operations has increased. Banks operate in accordance with the methodological recommendations of the Central Bank, an indication of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 5599-U and 115-FZ . According to these documents, in order to prevent money laundering and other illegal actions, the bank has the right to block operations on the card until significant circumstances are clarified. On the basis of these documents, the Central Bank, banks form their criteria for determining suspicious operations and on blocking the account is applicable to individual circumstances in each particular case.

In the case of freezing the account to unlock it, it is most often required to provide documents confirming the source of the origin of funds and justify the economic meaning of operations. These may be documents confirming income, documents specified in the appointment of incoming payments and substantiating receipts of funds from third parties (loan agreements, labor and other contracts, etc.P.).

One of the documents confirming the source of the origin of cash is precisely the tax return of 3-NDFL.

The submission of a 3-NDFL and tax payment declaration is a working and current mechanism to confirm the source of the origin of cash. After all, if a person reported on his income to the tax authority and paid taxes, then such money is considered legal.

Thus, the submission of a 3-NDFL declaration and the payment of tax on transactions made in 2021., will allow in 2022 g. It is easier and more efficient to prove to banks the legality of the origin of cash.