Alex Mashinsky left the post of head of Celsius Network

CEO of the Celsius Network Cryptoland Platform Alex Tashinsky filed a resignation application that enters into force immediately. This was reported in the press release.

“I will remain focused on helping the community to unite around the plan, which will provide the best result for all creditors. I have been doing this since the company submitting a bankruptcy statement, ”Machinsky noted.

Celsius, one of the largest centralized landing services, offered retail customers the opportunity to receive passive income on crypto assets. Company representatives compared this product with high -risk interest accounts in banks. Subsequently, the company had problems with regulators.

In June, the cryptolending platform suspended the withdrawal of funds, exchange and transfers between accounts. Later, a “hole” was discovered in her balance sheet for $ 2.85 billion.

In July, Celsius and some affiliated Coin Center initiates structures submitted an insolvency application in accordance with Chapter 11 of the United States Code of Bankruptcy.

The platform has presented a plan for the reorganization of business, focused on the use of mining “daughter” to repay the claims of creditors.

In August, the US Trustees Office announced “numerous issues” to the leadership of the company. Prior to this, Financial Times announced the intervention of the CEO of the platform of Alex Mashinsky in the implementation of the trade strategy that cost “millions of dollars”.

In September, Machinsky presented a plan for saving the company from bankruptcy, according to the media.

FORKLOG previously reported that Celsius is considering the release of wrapped tokens as part of a platform restructuring plan.

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