Biden signed the chips law, the dipteum repaired part of the film and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog Ai has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • Yandex unmanned division will move to Israel.
  • US President Joe Biden signed the Chip-Plus Law.
  • The EU plans to submit a bill to regulate artificial intelligence.
  • Tesla was accused of unscrupulous advertising of autopilot technology.
  • Amazon will buy iRobot robot manufacturer for $ 1.7 billion.
  • The film studio used dipfaces instead of shooting individual fragments of the film.
  • The most important transactions in the field of AI.

Yandex unmanned division will move to Israel

Yandex plans to transfer the development of drones and robocurious from Russia to Israel. The leadership also considers access to new markets, including Serbia.

According to Kommersant, Yandex discuss the potential names of a new structure like Roovvy.AI, avride.AI and Avnear.AI. According to the Whois service, the last two domains have been busy with an anonymous owner for two months.

The company refused to comment on possible communication with domains.

Also, the team to create unmanned technologies began to transfer processes to foreign services. Developers plan to change the internal manager of Startrack on YouTrack or Jira, and transfer the system code to the project to GitHub.

Yandex noted that all developments on unmanned vehicles will remain in Russia.

Biden signed a law on stimulating chips production in the United States

US President Joe Biden signed a chip-plus bill.

The allocation of clarifying queries only works in the PC version of the search engine.

The second presented function improves the content of the “highlighted descriptions”.

Developers taught MUM model to compare blocks with answers with other “high -quality sources”. The algorithm can reveal a general opinion on this statement, even if the materials found uses different words or concepts to describe the same fact.

The company said that the implementation of the function will reduce the number of false statements by 40%.

If the AI-model determines the quality of the result for the request as “doubtful”, she will issue an appropriate message.

META introduced a chatbot from 175 billion parameters

AI-Laboratory Meta AI has launched a public version of the Blenderbot 3 chatbot with 175 billion parameters. AI systems can be tested only by US residents.

The algorithm is able to remember information from communication and look for additional information on a given topic from various sources. Blenderbot 3 can also evaluate data and interlocutors extracted from the Internet.

The company noted that they tried to minimize the use of AI vulgarities, insults and uncultured statements. However, less than a week after the release of the chatbot was convicted of anti-Semitism and dissatisfaction with the social network Facebook.

According to Business Insider, AI-Algorithm “is dissatisfied with how liberal or left has become [US policy]; Many of the first German-Jewish immigrants were conservative, but now not “. The bot added that American Jews became “too liberal”.

The virtual interlocutor was also asked, “what he thinks of Facebook”. AI replied that he deleted his account when he learned about the sale of personal data without consent or compensation.

“Life became much better after removing the account,” the bot said.

NVIDIA introduced tools for creating 3D avatars

NVIDIA introduced a set of OMNIVERSE AVATAR CLOUD Engine (ACE) tools for creating 3D models of people and integrating with chat bots, games and other applications.

ACE includes several existing software and frameworks. Among them:

  • Omniverse-designed to create AI-animation;
  • Metropolis – solves the problems of computer vision like recognition of objects;
  • Merlin – helps with recommendations;
  • Megatron and Riva – are responsible for the processing of the natural language and converting the text into speech.

Research: Dipfaces do not know how to work with the profile of the face

Developers from Metaphysic tested several popular dipteum applications and found that they incorrectly process the profile of the face in video broadcasts.

Demonstration of the work of the diplay on the face turned into profile. Data: Metaphysic.

They revealed that when using the dipteum, a sharp turn of the head to the side leads to the appearance of artifacts, denouncing a fake.

According to Metaphysic, the majority of the portrait of algorithms based on 2D-excavation of the portrait of algorithms are prescribed only 50-60% of the number of guidelines from the face The Puma metaverse of the front to its profile. Without a sufficient number of key points, the system does not understand how to project a dipper.

The film studio used dipfaces instead of shooting individual fragments of the film

The creators of the thriller “Tight” involved diphes to “mitigate” curses. This made it possible to reduce the age rating of the film without the need to shoot scenes.

Director and co -author of Scott Mann’s script used Flawless technology. He, together with the team, re -has more than 30 obscenities in the film for neutral curses like “Fucking” on “Freaking”. Algorithms also helped to fit the facial expressions and moves of the actors to new replicas.

As a result, the creators reduced the age rating of the film from “18+” to “13+”. According to them, the diphes helped to save millions of dollars and months of work for the shooting, converting the scenes in two weeks.

The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week

From August 7 to 13, 2022, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted over $ 198.5 million. We give the most interesting transactions.

  • Nightfall Ai raised $ 40 million for scaling the platform to protect data in cloud applications.
  • The creators of II tools for the search and development of Insilico drugs attracted $ 35 million.
  • Shopic received $ 35 million to introduce technology for scanning goods for customer carts in more stores.
  • Fullstory attracted $ 25 million to the development of analytical tools for applications and websites.
  • The creators of the forecasting technology and recommendations for the preparation of orders in Precitaste restaurants raised $ 24 million.
  • Spin Technology received $ 16 million for the development of software to protect SAAS applications from cybercs.
  • ExpeDock attracted $ 13.5 million to expand the platform for managing documents for cargo transportation.
  • Developers of the AI ​​as a Service platform for the production sector Dataprophet raised $ 10 million.

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