The Poloniex exchange launched the Carnival of the World Cup with a fund up to $ 100,000

The Poloniex crypto officer announced the start of the Carnival of the Poloniex FIFA World Cup Football.

The event includes two activity with prizes up to $ 50,000. The first-collecting tokens of fan-Tokenov-has already begun. Poloniex will report the start of the second promotion in early November.

Until 16:10 (UTC) November 19 Poloniex users can earn the icons of fan-Tokenes for actions on the platform:

    – three random badges;

  • Visiting the Page “Carnival” – one icon every day;
  • Trade of fan-tokens on the spot-one icon for every 100 USDT volume;
  • Futhers and Chz futures trading – one icon for every 200 USDT volume;
  • invitation of friends-when the referral earns icons in the trade in fan-Tokens, the user who invites him also receives them;
  • Communication in social networks – Poloniex gives icons for participation in platform events on Twitter.

Each fan-token icon gives the user one point in the general rating table. Ten different icons can be combined and an additional ten points can be obtained.

The organizers charge additional points to users who have earned more than 100 icons. The number of points depends on the place in the ranking:

  • The first is 1000 points;
  • the second – 800 points;
  • the third – 500 points;
  • 4-10-200 points;
  • 11-30-100 points;
  • 31-100-50 points;
  • 101-200-20 points.

The number of icons collected and the place in the ranking can be tracking the event on the page.

The size of the prize fund depends on the number of participants:

  • less than 3000 – 20,000 USDT;
  • from 3000 to 5000 – 30,000 USDT;
  • more than 5000 – 50,000 USDT.

The first activity will end on November 10, 2022. Poloniex will distribute prizes in proportion to earned points, but not more than 500 USDT on the user.

Poloniex is one of the oldest world crypto -streaks, which is developed by the founder of Tron Justin San. The platform does not require KYC and does not block user accounts from the Russian Federation. The Limit for the conclusion for users without verification is $ 50,000 per day.

Recall that in September, the Poloniex exchange held a trade competition for traders from Eastern Europe “Bitcoin Heroes: Skyhook Operation.

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