What is Defi 2.0?


Today, decentralized finances remain one of the main directions of the crypto industry. At the same time, as Defi develops, the structural disadvantages of this sphere became obvious-low scalability and high commissions, instability of liquidity and income, problems with the safety of smart contracts and centralization. Defi 2 projects.0 strive to use new principles and approaches to solve these problems.

Defi 2 development prospects.0

During 2021, while the capitalization and number of crypton users grew up, Defi 2 projects.0 showed their ability to attract users and their capital at the expense of a number of innovative solutions. However, a bearish trend in the stock and cryptocurrency markets, which began in 2022 due to events in the global economy and politics, brought down TVL and the capitalization of all projects of this segment without exception.

The coming “cryptosim” will be a test for the strength for the entire Defi industry. It is difficult to say which of the existing Defi 2.0 projects will be able to survive in the new conditions, and which will leave the scene. In any case, interesting approaches to attracting liquidity and users who have already proved themselves well will be used further, regardless of the market conditions.