What is EVERSCALE (Ever)?

In 2018, the development of Telegram Open Network began. The fundraising was carried out by Pavel Durov, White Paper of the project was written by his brother, Nikolai Durov.

The Ton network planned to be launched in the fall of 2019, but it was not possible to do this due to the ban imposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulator sued the court, the trial lasted several months.

In parallel, Ton developers, together with external contractors, continued to work – the source code of finished components published in the public domain. In the spring of 2020, Telegram refused to continue the court, Pavel Durov announced the closure of the project.

Then more than two dozen companies and teams, including those who participated in the development of Ton, used its finished protocol and their own developments and launched the main Free Ton network in May 2020. Among the founders of the project are Everstake, Simplex, creator for Forklog Anatoly Kaplan, Kuna Exchange and others.


In the spring of 2022, the Evescale community decided to move to the new management model. A decentralized autonomous organization (Tao) called Ever DAO was created, on the basis of which votes on the development of project are now taking place.

Each Ever Coin holder can participate in voting (according to the principle of 1 coin – 1 vote). To do this, you need to transfer them to the “wrapped” https://gagarin.news/ analogue of Wever on the Tao website, and then block the tokens in a special smart contract. To make a decision, you need to attract at least 500,000 Wever to the vote and get the majority of votes “for”. To nominate your initiative, you will need 100,000 Ever.

What applications work on the EVERSCALE blockchain?

There are several applications with active community on the EVERSCALE network today. Here is some of them:

    . The main decentralized Exchange on Evescale, which is developed by BROXUS and the unification of the developers of EVERSCALE DEFI Alliance. Works on the protocol of automatic marketMacing. As of April 20, the total amount of blocked funds (TVL) in Flatqube exceed $ 65 million. 20 tokens are traded on the exchange. . Cross-bridge for transfers of assets between different blockchains. Now the application supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Phantom and Everscale. In the future, Avalanche and Milkomeda will be added to them. . Platform for the release and trading of incompetent tokens on the topic of chess. Official project of the International Chess Federation (FIDE). . The main NFT marketplace operating on the EVERSCALE network. Over 3300 unique tokens from 200 collections are presented on it now. . Decentralized landing protocol operating on the principle of compound. Users create pools with various assets from which you can borrow funds at a dynamic interest rate.

How EVERSCALE develops?

In February 2022, key developers of the project presented a roadmap for 2022.

The program provides for the improvement of the Ever OS protocol and the operating system, the release of a larger number of tools and documentation for developers, the development of NFT, Defi and GameFi areas, as well as with integration with other blockchain platforms, in particular with Tezos and Cardano.

In addition, the implementation of the ZK-Snark protocol and the transition to a new consensus algorithm is announced in the roadmap.