What is Helium (HNT)?

Helium Systems, founded in 2013 in San Francisco (USA), Shono Fanning, Amir Halim and Shono Carey is responsible for the project. The initial goal of the startup was to create a global decentralized network for various devices that could exchange small data files with a remote center. Thus, the founders of Helium in many ways anticipated the spread of the concept of “Internet of things” (Internet of Things, IoT).

Now the company is headed by Amir Halim, other founders left the company. Another key employee is the technical director of Mark Niidam, who has more than 25 years of experience in large IT companies.

From the moment Helium Systems founded several rounds of investment and attracted funds for a total of about $ 365 million. The last investrand was held at the beginning of 2022, among its participants – Pantera Capital, FTX Ventures and Munich Re Ventures.

Due to the growth of the load from the blockchain side, Helium access points began to overload and disconnected from the network. In response to this in the spring of 2022, the developers presented Light Hotspot technology. In fact, this is an analogue of a lightweight client who can transmit data on The Pekle’s Network, but does not participate in blockchain synchronization Рvalidators do this. While Light Hotspot is tested and have not implemented the main network protocol.

The official website of Helium presents a list of 26 manufacturers and distributors from which you can purchase devices operating on the Lorawan protocol. The average cost of one “home” modem is several hundred dollars.

To ensure continuous coating, Helium offers a set of incentives for creating regions with a high density of access points. Awards of owners of access points can increase or decrease depending on different factors – for example, the number of neighboring points, the number of devices https://gagarin.news/news/the-sandbox-metaverse-will-cooperate-with-standard-chartered-bank/ connected to the modem or the volume of transferred data.

There are online calculators that help calculate the income from HNT mining for the planned access point. Also, the profitability of a separate point can be viewed in the observer of the Helium blocks.

How else to make money HNT?

Large HNT holders can launch the Helium blockchain validator and receive awards for their work. The minimum size of the Walidator steak is 10,000 HNT (about $ 80,000 at the end of May 2022). You can pick up the coins back from the steak after about 5 months.

The ability to quickly launch the validator nodes on the Helium network provides Coinbase Cloud and a number of other cloud services. In May 2022, there were more than 3600 NODs of validators in the Helium network, which in total used more than 36% of HNT coins in the turnover. The effective rate of staying profitability is 5.25% per annum. Payments of awards for validators take every era, that is, every 30 minutes.

How Helium develops?

The project developers plan to focus on the development of the 5G direction using blockchain in cooperation with Freedomfi. She, in particular, develops a 5G station with the possibility of cryptocurrency mining. The minimum cost of one device is $ 1000.

Owners of such hybrid access points will be able to earn HNT, providing users with access to mobile communications and the Internet. The purpose of the project is to create a 5G global network, which will belong to more than one operator company, but to users themselves. At the start, the Helium 5G network will be available only in some US cities.