CTO Tether denied the USDT unit and pointed to Coingeco problems

The USDT deviation observed on Coingecco from $ 1 by 3% was due to a failure, and not a real state of affairs. This was stated by the CTO of the issuer Steabelcoin Paolo Ardoino.

Seeing a Price Discrepancy of Usdt on Coingeco. While Usdt Trades Close to Parity (+-10bps), Coingeco Reports 3% From Parity.
Looks Like a Glitch to Me.

– Paolo Ardoino 🍐 (@paoloardoino) november 9, 2022

According to the top manager, on Binance, eBay acquires KnownOrigin Bitfinex, Coinbase, the quotes were within 10 b. P. From parity.

He urged not to panic, remember the obligations of Tether Limited to buy a USDT at a rate of $ 1 for token, which have never been violated.

From the subsequent reports of Ardoino, it followed that Coingecco had problems with the data streams from the Coinbase exchange. They were removed from the calculation of the weighted average course, and after eliminating errors they returned again.

CEO data aggregator Bobby Oksa recognized the incorrect display of the USDT course and apologized. He connected this with the problems of connecting to the API on several exchanges. ONG promised to track the situation after eliminating problems.

SRRY ABOUT THE USDT FUD FROM OUR SIDE. Tether Vid Not Depeg. There was a data Issue on OUR Side Coming from API Connection Issues with A Few Exchanges. We have patched the isesue button Things Closely. https: // t.CO/ZWYC7QHIMV

– Bobby Ont (@Bobbyong) Novmber 9, 2022

Recall, on November 6, CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao announced the company’s desire to get rid of Utility Token FTX (FTT). Assets together with BUSD in a total of ~ $ 2.1 billion steel by the company’s output from the portfolio investment in the platform of Sam Bankman-Fried.

On November 8, FTT quotes fell by almost 30% amid concerns regarding the financial stability of the exchange. At the same time, the price of bitcoin failed the level of $ 20,000, pulling the entire market.

On the same day, Bankman-Fried and Zhao announced a strategic partnership. It is designed to resolve the liquidity crisis and involves the possible absorption of the FTX exchange of Binance.

Earlier, Coinbase and Circle excluded the influence of the problems of Bankman-Frida exchange on business.

Binance has replenished the Safu Fund to $ 1 billion for “mental peace” of customers.

In October, the US Department of Justice resumed an audit on the fact of possible bank fraud of Tether leaders, according to Bloomberg.

Then Ardoino said that the company processed the conversion to Fiat 7 billion tokens (~ 10% of total assets).

In August, CTO Tether announced the adherence of this line after the fifth largest auditor confirmed the provision of stablecoin.

In October, the company diverted the share of commercial papers in providing USDT. Before that, she denied rumors about the dominance of such financial instruments in reserves, whose issuers are Chinese firms.

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