Justin San announced his readiness to provide FTX “billionthing”

The founder of Tron Foundation Justin San in a conversation with Bloomberg journalist Tom Mackenzie said that he was ready to provide “billionth care” of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

@justinsuntron tells me he’s propared to provide ftx with Billions in aid
"Need to do Full Diligence"
"Good Moment to Show Unity in Crypto Industry" @Ftx_Official @sbf_ftx #exclusive https: // t.CO/B3WUUBX4GB

– Tom Mackenzie (@tommackenzietv) November 11, 2022

According to the journalist, San announced the need to show proper prudence and “good moment to demonstrate unity in the crypto industry”.

On November 6, the head of Binance, Chanpen Zhao, spoke about the desire of the exchange to get rid of Utility Token FTX (FTT). Assets with Busd in a total of ~ $ 2.1 billion steel by the company’s output from portfolio investment in the platform.

Against the backdrop of fears regarding the financial stability of FTX, the price of FTT for Steph Curry of several hours has collapsed by almost 30%.

On November 8, Sam Bankman-Fried and Chanpen Zhao announced strategic partnership. It was designed to resolve the liquidity crisis and suggested a possible absorption of the FTX exchange of Binance. However, on November 10, the latter refused the transaction.

After that, San said that together with FTX “is developing a solution that will start moving forward”. He did not specify what kind of initiative we are talking about.

Recall that WSJ sources reported that FTX provided Alameda Research client funds to finance risky operations, which led to the collapse of the platform.

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