EU published a new edition of the bill on AI

The European Commission published the final text of the bill aimed at regulating artificial intelligence.

The new edition does not limit the powers and independence of state bodies responsible for protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. This means that the bill does not prohibit the use of AI for the purpose of national security.

The authors of the document classified the algorithms for assessing risks and pricing for health insurance and life to highly risk. The rest still fall under the scope of industry legislation.

The Why is crypto crashing? algorithms for evaluating a credit rating or insurance premiums were also attributed to highly risk. However, micro- and small enterprises that put these systems into operation for “own use” were exempted from strict obligations.

Legislators believe that the amendment will allow you to close a loophole to bypass restrictions on large companies using small operators.

The text of the updated version of the regulations has already been sent to EU member states. Its discussion is scheduled for November 18.

“The Committee of Permanent Representatives is proposed to consider and approve the text set out in the appendix to this project in order to develop a general approach,” the document says.

In addition, the European Commission was obliged to issue recommendations on the application of the regulations of the regulations on the use of artificial intelligence.

Earlier, political groups of the European Parliament introduced several thousand lines to the bill. Disagreements caused the definition of artificial intelligence, the use of biometric identification systems and the classification of high -risk algorithms.

Recall that in April 2021 the European Commission submitted a bill on the regulation of AI.

In June, a group of human rights activists criticized the document and called for prohibiting the use of tracking algorithms, including recognition of persons.

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