Gate.Io launched a promotion for institutional investors from Russia

Crypto -rope Gate.Io launched a promotion, the participants of which will receive reduced trading commissions, ribets up to 0.015% and monetary rewards for achieving targeted volumes on the platform. The proposal is valid until December 31, 2022.

There are two privileges for large customers on the crypto -country:

    -Reduced Taker Commission, 16 levels; -Ribeites of Maker-Order for Market Makers and Institutional Investors, 4 levels for a spot market and 3 levels for futures.

The level of the user depends on the trading volumes: the higher they are, the more discounts and ribets.

By the end of the year Gate.IO will provide institutional customers from the Russian Federation:

  • VIP-level with the Maker’s trading commission 0%, if the monthly trade volume in the spot market exceeds $ 1 million;
  • automatic increase to the next level of VIP and MM, if a monthly trade volume exceeds $ 20 million in a spot market or $ 50 million in futures;
  • Obtaining the corresponding VIP and MM level if the trader has switched to Gate.IO, from another site, confirmed its volumes;
  • remuneration to $ 3,000 with an increase in monthly trade volumes by 30% and the achievement of trade goals.

In addition, market makers can take part in the monthly competition Spot Market Maker Competition. The prize fund consists of two parts: $ 2 million in cryptocurrency and $ 10 million in the form of interest -free loans.

Gate.IO – Chinese crypto -tank with an average day of trade more than $ 12 billion. The platform provides large investors from around the world with the appropriate technical conditions of trade: placement of 900 orders per second, 1000 subaccounts, OTC-leggings and API for algorithmic trading.

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