Generation of images by neural network: 5 free services

A neural network is a program capable of self -learning, but its work needs to be “modified” and improved during practice. The user of the neural network makes a new information to it about how the elements look, adds their names, using certain algorithms “teaches” the program to find the same and various fragments. It is like how small children memorize animal pictures, colors, alphabet letters.

Generation of images by neural network: 5 working services

The new version of the neural network is available at the Outpanting function. With its help, the user can finish the finished image. The program retains shadows, reflections, structures, color combinations in a large -scale version of the picture.

Registration in Dall-E 2 Free. After activating the account, the user has 50 loans: the loan is written off when sending the next text request. From the second month, the number of loans will decrease to 15, and it will not be possible to accumulate them, but you can buy.

Dall-E 2 functionality is already using companies and well-known brands. For example, Cosmopolitan and The Economist used a neural network to generate images for their covers. Microsoft has launched on the basis of the Service Own Designer, which can generate various content: texts, advertising banners, cards, logos, etc.P.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is a platform not for creating, but also for editing images with the possibility of free generation of several pictures after registering the profile. Three formats of work are available on the project website.

Text 2 Dream

Pictures from the text. It is not necessary to introduce a request that describes the desired image, and the neural network will collect it in its algorithms. A list of ready -made requests, such as drawing style and the name of the artist, whose work will be used as a reference is also available.

Although, in general, the Text 2 Dream mode gives out curious and artistic results, its images do not reach the level of Dall-E 2. This applies to the intended words and the quality of the picture. The creation process takes a little more time.

Generation of images by neural network: 5 working services

Deep Dream

This tool allows you to carry out deep processing of the original image using AI algorithms. To do this, upload the original file and set the parameters: the initial depth of study, the level of AI and the number “layer”. The latter means how much the landscape transforms the image: changes can be truly significant.

Deep Style

Image processing service, which uses as graphic filters and art genres. To use Deep Style, you need to download the original image and select a reference picture from the list.

You can use Deep Dream Generator for free, but a limited time. When registering, they charge 30 points that are removed for the use of tools: 5 points for one request in Deep Style and Text 2 Dream and 2 points for Deep Dream. Additional points are paid: the cheapest tariff costs $ 19 per month and gives a limit of 120 points, which is restored at a speed of 12 points per hour.


Hotpot is another conditionally free service in which there is a service for creating a picture for a text request. In addition to the request itself, you need to set the type of visual effect of the picture and the desired size. The neural networks need from 2 to 20 seconds to process the result, but if the site is overloaded, the expectation can drag on up to 2 hours and even a whole day. Minus of the free version – slow generation speed and small image size.

In practice, a long expectation of processing begins after the fourth attempt to generate a new picture. In order not to waste time processing requests, Hotpot offers to pay them with loans. They can be purchased with a package or subscription. For example, 800 loans cost $ 10, and with monthly payment of 1000 loans are available for $ 10.

Generation of images of neurosyatya: 5 working services

You can apply filters on the finished image, add the text, edit color rendering, etc. There is an opportunity to convert a picture into nft. There are also many services related to the processing of images: restoration, colorization, improvement of faces, removal of objects and background and others.

In addition, soon there will be a service in Hotpot to help write text requests called AI Sparkwriter. For those who want to generate large volumes of images, Hotpot provides API.

Hotpot also offers paid generation functions of NFT collections consisting of many images. To do this, several tools are provided: Collection Mixer helps combine different objects from images loaded by the user, AI NFT Photo Maker imposes layers on original images. With the plane creation of digital items, it is also necessary to buy a license of the service.

Night Cafe

A popular picture generator, which not only collects graphic elements from the search engine, but embeds them regarding the style you have chosen.

The main service of the neural network is Text to Image. He draws various visualization Coherent, Artistic or Stable. In response to a request, the program immediately generates 4 options for pictures that can be downloaded without a watermark and in high quality.

You can create pictures here without registration. At the start, you are assigned 5 loans, the cost of one generation is 1 loan. As soon as the trial version ends, for each new loan you will need to pay $ 0.08. The points are also charged for activity in the community: posting messages, comments and other actions.

Despite the fact that Night Cafe uses various finished graphic elements, all rights to ownership of ready -made images belong to the user.

Dream by Wombo

On the Dream website you can generate images without registration. Also, the program is available in the form of a mobile application for Android and iOS. To obtain new images, it is enough to fill out a text query, choose a visualization style and wait 10-20 seconds. The neural network gives pictures that can be downloaded or published in the tape on the service website.

In addition, ready -made images in Dream can be released in the form of NFT in the Ethereum or Polygon network. For this you need a Web3 wallet. Token issue is free, but you need to pay the network commission.

Minus of the service: images are generated in the frame and in low resolution.