Hackers deduced more than $ 90 million from the Nomad cross-protocol

The Nomad cross-protocol crossed a hacker attack, as a result of which attackers brought crypto assets worth more than $ https://gagarin.news/news/how-does-inflation-in-the-u-s-affect-bitcoin/ 90 million. This was reported by SlowMist researchers.

🚨 SlowMist Security Alert🚨 @nomadxyz_, a Cross Chain Protocol Was Recently Hacked Majority of Their Funds to be Stolen.

We Used @misttrack_io and Traced ~ 90m to the Following 3 Addresses Here.

Follow Us as We Continue OUR Investigation Into this Exploit. Pic.Twitter.COM/HSV5SPU33J

– SlowMist (@slowmist_team) August 2, 2022

Using the Misttrack platform, analysts tracked the movement of funds for three Ethereum addresses. Most of the stolen assets are “wrapped” assets like WBTC and USDC stablecoin.

Researcher Paradigm under the nickname Samczsun estimated the value of the withdrawn assets of $ 150 million.

The Nomad protocol uses “evidence of fraud” (Fraud Proofs), as in Optimistic Rollup. The technology eliminates the need to use multi -signatures, validators and oracles.

In April, the developers of the NOMAD cross-bridge attracted $ 22 million following the results of the sowing round, led by PolyChain Capital.

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