IBM twice the number of cubes in the quantum computer chip

The IBM technological giant introduced an improved quantum processor, which is part of the efforts to create ultra -suffering computers. This is reported by BBC.

The new chip called Eagle has 127 cubes, which is twice as much as the previous IBM processor.

The company said the new processor is a cornerstone on the way of creating a household quantum computer.

Eagle – the third quantum processor IBM. In 2019, the company introduced a 27-cube Falcon, and a year later-65-cube Hummingbird.

“The appearance of the Eagle processor is an important step towards the day when quantum What is crypto computers can surpass classic computers in useful applications,” said Senior Vice President and Research Director Dario Hil.

At the same time, experts noted that in the published IBM information, there are no key parameters by which could evaluate progress in quantum programming.

Quantum processors can qualitatively change the computing power of the computer, which will contribute to the creation of new materials, medicines and the progress of artificial intelligence. Each additional cube increases the processor power by almost double.

Recall that in 2016 IBM was the first to access quantum programming a large number of users.

In April, the company released a set of Qiskit Machine Learning application modules, which are part of its open source software software.

In June, IBM entered into an agreement with the Government of Great Britain in the amount of 210 million pounds on the creation of a center of quantum calculations and artificial intelligence.

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