Intel introduced the MAX series AI-Chips for supercomputers

Intel, on the eve of the Supercomputing 22 conference, introduced the Xeon CPU Max server processors and the Data Center GPU Max accelerators for high -performance calculations and processing of artificial intelligence tasks.

Intel Xeon CPU Max Series chip. Data: Intel.

The Data Center GPU Max graphics processor is known under the code name Ponte Vecchio.

The processor has up to 408 MB of the L2 cache and up to 64 MB of the L1 cache l1.

The system includes more than 100 billion transistors in 47 chiplets built using different technological processes, including Intel 7 and TSMC N5. They are connected by EMIB interfaces and Foveros packaging technology.

The company will release chips in several form factors designed for different tasks.

Data Center GPU Max will also appear on the market in January 2023.

Recall, in October, Intel announced new How to Delete Binance 13 generation processors and released AI-APSKAILER for XESS games for NVIDIA and AMD video cards.

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