Research: People do not distinguish Hike created by AI and writer

Scientists of Kyoto University (Japan) have found that people cannot distinguish a haiku written by man from created by artificial intelligence. About this writes The Mainichi.

Research participants evaluated poetry on a seven -time scale according to criteria like “Sensation of the beauty of the work”.

As a result, Hike created by artificial intelligence scored 4.56 points, and 4.15 written by man.

“These results indicate that the cooperation of man and artificial intelligence contributes to the best creative processes when creating Hike,” the study says.

The participants were also asked what Haiku created the algorithm and which person – a person. It turned out that people could not distinguish them.

According to scientists, AI-Poestes received the highest points due to the effect of “aversion to algorithms”. People tend to believe that better works are created by a person, the researchers added.

Recall that in September, a picture generated by a neural network won a fine art competition.

In July, scientists have found that users do not distinguish images created by man and neural network.

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