IX round byvotes with Metabeat and OkRatech Token – vote in your favor

Recall that you can support projects you want to see on our spare platform.

Vote and get a reward if one of the projects you have chosen is placed on a spare platform.

This time we offer to choose from the following projects: Metabeat and Okratech Token.

Here is a brief overview of these two projects.

Project Name Read more
Metabeat Website | White Paper | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium Metabeat is a new NFTFI FAN-to-Earn Musical FAN-to-Earn with 4000 K-POP compositions, financed by large investors and industry partners. Support your favorite artists, participate in the NFT communities or bring $ Beat to the staying to receive rewards and grow together with K-POP performers. Innovative NFT model Metabeat uses real assets-musical rights, creating a new paradigm of interaction between the community of fans based on awards for the distribution of music.
OkRatech token Website | White Paper | Twitter ORTJOB is a new blockchain platform based on Defi and Autonomous DAO, which uses safe, decentralized technology to provide work freelancers. She opens access to a huge number of vacancies and various payment methods. In addition, Ortjob provides transparency, since users can familiarize themselves with detailed reviews and description of the employer or freelancer. The key advantage of the platform is the lack of a commission, which allows you to maintain the entire earned amount.

Which of the contracts interested you? Vote for him!

Do not know how to vote? Now we will explain everything. Step 1. Replenish Bybit* accounts

At 23:59 UTC November 23, 2022. We will take a picture of your BYBIT account balance. The more stablecoins you have (USDT, USDC, USDD, CUSD, BUSD and DAI), the more votes you will receive. For example, if there will be 500 USDT on a derivative, spot and EARN accounts, then you will receive 500 votes in total.

*Pictures of the balances of a spot, derivative, Earn (Bybit Access and Bybit Poul) will be taken, as well as the financing account and a single margin account. Do you know how to get more votes?

Pass the verification of KYC Level 1 for individuals, and we will give you a BYVOTES coupon for 50 votes!

Step 2. Vote for your favorite projects

Voting period: from 3:00 UTC November 24, 2022. Until 3:00 UTC November 25, 2022.

Give a vote for your favorite project (or projects!) during the voting period. You can vote several times and for different projects.

The project, which gained the largest number of votes, gets the opportunity to go through the listing on our platform for spare trade. If you voted for the winning project, then on November 25, 2022. As a reward, you will receive the Airdrop of the Native Tokens of this project within four (4) hours after the end of the vote.

The winner’s contract token will be placed on the platform in the “Innovation Zone” section at 10:00 UTC November 25, 2022.!


one. BYVOTES coupon can only be used once.

2. Users from undergoing countries are not allowed to participate in the event.

3. Users can vote several times and for several projects during the voting period.

four. During the voting period, users can give up to 10,000 votes to one project.

5. Pictures of the balances of a spot, fiat, marginal, derivative, Earn (Bybit Access and Bybit Poole) will be taken.

6. Qualified users will receive votes for USDT, USDC, CUSD, USDD, BUSD and DAI, available on their subaccount (or subaccount). Voices will be credited to the main account by means. You can’t vote from subaccounts.

7. Only those users who voted for the winning project will receive awards. Users who voted for projects who did not fall into the listing will not receive awards for them. Awards will be credited to spot accounts by means of Airdrop.

eight. Users will be able to see the number of votes given to the project only after they cast all their votes.

9. The maximum reward of the user is 1% of the total prize pool.

ten. Bybit reserves the right to cancel the participation of any persons who will be seen in dishonest or fraudulent actions during the event, including mass accounting of accounts for additional bonuses and any other actions related to illegal, fraudulent targets.

eleven. Bybit reserves the right to change the conditions of this event without What are tokenized prior notice to users.

12. Bybit reserves the right to final interpretation of the results of this event. If questions arise, contact our support service.