Edward Snowden advised to use cryptocurrencies, but not invest in them

Cryptocurrencies are not valid as an investment tool, but as a payment tool. This was stated by the ex-employee of the CIA and NSA Edward Snowden at the Conference Consensus 2022, Coindesk reports.

“I use bitcoin to use it. In 2013, I applied an asset for pseudonymous server payment. In general, I do not urge people to invest their money in cryptocurrencies as a technology, and this is what distinguishes me from many other community members, ”he said.

Snowden joined the criticism of the “anti -Critical” letter, which a group of technological specialists sent the US Congress in early June. In his opinion, the authors deliberately incorrectly interpret some theses about the industry.

“A letter is an argument in favor of the status. There are so many ways to https://gagarin.news/news/ayoken-attracts-investments-to-conclude-exclusive-contracts-with-musicians-and-artists/ solve all their problems. All people who signed the letter can understand the industry. They certainly should, ”he said.

Among the authors of the letter, the specialist noted the cryptographer Bruce Schneera. However, he called most other signatures “fertile public trolls”.

On his Twitter page, Snowden also called gold “Bitcoin, which cannot be sent via the Internet”. He answered the technical director of Tether Paolo Ardoino. He noted that on the network you can convey the xaut stablecoin xaut tied to the price of precious metal.

#Tethergold can.
ALSO $ XAUT / Gold Are Competitors of USD, Not #Bitcoin

– Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) June 11, 2022

Recall that in April 2022 Snowden said that he played one of the key roles in launching ZCASH.