How to use cosmos (atom) for stakeing: step -by -step guide

Allowing blockchains to interact with each other, we can contribute to significant growth from a technological and financial point of view. And this is that Cosmos blockchain promises to achieve in the near future. In addition to technological progress in comparison with other existing networks in terms of development, ease of use and scalability, Cosmos offers a way to earn its cryptocurrency, supporting the network through bets. In this leadership, we will show the Cosmos stake process through a safe Trust Wallet.

Step 1: Installation and setup wallet.

At the moment, Trust Wallet is considered one of the most advanced cryptocurrency wallets in the market, which allows you to bet on mobile platforms. It can be easily loaded and installed on iOS and Android .

After installing the application, generate the original phrase and set the password.

Confirm and save the original phrase.

Step 2: The actual process of stakeing.

After the Seeed Fraza is saved, you can continue by adding Cosmos to your cryptocurrency list in the application.

Please note that at least 1 atom is required to accommodate Cosmos on the Cosmos network, and you must also take into account additional fees that you need to cover.

Just write in the “Cosmos” search bar and add it by dragging the slider.

After adding, click on ” Cosmos “”.

Then click the button ” More ” and after – ” Stake “”.

Select ” Everstake »As the main service, pressing the section” Stake “”.

And just confirm your operation, continuing further, and wait an hour until your transaction is confirmed in the blockchain.

Recently set cryptocurrency will appear in the Cosmos menu.

If you want to cancel the ATOM steaking and change the validator, the network will release your tokens 21 days after initializing this operation.

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