The US congressman accused the crypto -milliarders of deterrence of industry regulation

Member of the House of US Representatives Brad Sherman accused cryptocurrency billionaires of lobbying their interests in Washington to contain digital assets regulation of the industry.

The collapse of #FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency firms in the world, is a dramatic demonstration of both the inherent risks of digital assets and the critical weaknesses in the industry that has grown up around them.

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– Congressman Brad Sherman (@bradsherman) November 13, 2022

Sherman called for the investigation of the FTX Bitcoin-Birzhi crisis, holding guilty and adopting more aggressive measures to regulate the industry.

“The sudden collapse of one of the largest Court Allows Celsius cryptocurrency companies in the world has become a dramatic demonstration of the risks of digital assets and critical weaknesses in the industry,” he wrote.

The congressman also recalled that in May the head of FTX Sam Bankman-Frida announced plans to allocate up to $ 1 billion for the US president in 2024. In October, he called his words “stupidity”.

According to the Opensecrets portal, FTX US and Alameda Research, affiliated with $ 5.22 million and $ 6.24 million to the Joe Biden election campaign in the 2020 Presidential election, donated $ 5.22 million.

According to Sherman, most of these funds were spent on the primaries, “and not to help the democrats in victory over the Republicans”.

The congressman also said that agreement FTX Digital Markets Ryan Salame donated more than $ 23 million republican candidates for the US Senate in 2022.

“When you study the FTX efforts to influence Washington, you should look at both general directors, and not just at the eccentric guy in shorts,” Sherman added.

Recall, on November 9, Bloomberg sources reported the beginning of the investigation against FTX by SEC and CFTC .

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