FTX collapse. Crisis 2018-2022. And a few words about the future

Each time I want to write in such cases an abstract article, not filled with personal experience, etc.D. But then I ask myself the question: “And why?”.

After all, this is my third crypto winter in the Web 3 markets.0: 2014-2018-2022. At the same time, every time I hear the same story: “You just don’t know how …”, and then the speaker lists something about big money, expensive cars and a luxurious life.

And it turns out that Hostile activity and “life” – endless debts and PR. No more. No strategy. No tactics: just buy – while there is money and that’s it.

I heard a lot about geniuses from the valley, but here is another decline and all of them fly to Tartarara: along with the geniuses of other regions. Small and large, famous and not very. Why?

Adjustable markets – evil. Absolute

Now they will prove to you again that “if there were regulators on the crypto markets, then …”. And here I will interrupt pink fantasies and will inform you that Everything would be many times worse:

  • Firstly, the same SEC since 2012, at least, has known about cryptocurrencies, and did not even make anything but billions of total fines for ICOs and other projects. Why? Because it’s more profitable: Rules can be changed during the play. Although it should be changed in the score.
  • Secondly, Enron, Lehman Brothers and others-from regulated markets and they confirm that regulated markets are mythology of calm.

They tell you: we must regulate, because … but why – do not explain, because:

But they will convince you of the reverse. Read my tetralology about myths: first, second, third, fourth part. And then decide: should you believe further? Is it worth it?

Castodial players – not Web 3.0

I don’t even know how many times in 10 years I repeated it, but still:

  • 1 bitcoin is 1 bitcoin;
  • Your keys are your money;
  • Not your keys are not your money;
  • They are not us.

But to the sense? WHO and now there: the masses run for ephemeral profit; They do not know how to assess the tokens (as they did not know how-in the action), they start with derivatives, and not simple tools (yes, I’m talking about how the “hamsters” “sell” futures on Binance); They are not interested in the ideology of Web 3.0 and blockchain philosophy even more.

But on the other hand: let’s go on the table? All at once: after all, we, Enthusiasts, on this and we can win. While they are staggering the markets – we are building projects; While they are engaged in speculation – we are building projects; While they … in general, you understand the principle?

And he works! And makes you not only more secured, but also an honest, open person. I am not ashamed of any Satoshi earned over the past 10-15 or 20 years. Not for one. You just need to understand that the castedodial players, old money (governments, banks, VC) do not want to accept us, but do not: we need to do the crypto-offshore further and in 2030-come up with something else.

You are a fund. You are a node

When I understood, about 8 years ago, it became easier to live: measuring the condition not only in USD (DAI – today), but also in ETH/BTC (can be directly ⅓); invest in projects not only with money, but also with deed and soul, then receiving Airdrops and becoming part of the Tao; to form a lot of their micro-funds and other.

Yes, this is my 3rd crypto-winter and this time I can say one thing: the world is changing. Changed. Though not fast. But you have a chance not just to buy everything that will turn not even to zero, but a pumpkin, but to find those who are at the beginning of the journey and realize the most daring dreams with them, and all these Cz are killed and others, for which they kill Popescu, Makafi, Muhgian and others – let them rest with the world under the fragments of their own colosses on clay legs.