Braavos cryptochene attracted $ 10 million from Pantera Capital

The startup Braavos, standing for the development of the cryptocurrency wallet of the same name, attracted $ 10 million in the funding round led by Pantera Capital. This is reported by Coindesk.

Among other investors: Road Capital, BH Digital, DCVC, Crypto.Com, Matrixport and Starkware.

Based on the second level of Starknet to scaling Ethereum from the latest startup from Israel, created its cryptocurrency comprehensive solution.

The wallet team seeks to offer users the possibility of independent storage of digital assets by simplifying operations with SEED-frages and private keys.

The application is available both in the browser version and in the mobile for devices on iOS and Android. BRAAVOS combines the traditional possibilities of storing and transferring assets with access to Dapps . The wallet has a training function Transaction Explainer, which helps beginner traders “understand and revise transactions,” the team noted.

“Cryptocurrencies today are still too technical and complex for many users. They need to deal with SEED-frages and safety keys with low tolerance to errors, study non-trivial Defi protocols, ”said the co-founder and CEO BRAAVOS Motti Lavi.

According to him, the developers see their mission “in eliminating these obstacles to users” while maintaining the advantages of “decentralization and independent storage”.

The project’s roadmap for the near future includes the launch of the “Forgotten Password” option, the connection of multifactorial authentication and the integration of additional Defi capabilities for profitable farming directly in the application.

Recall that in July, a network of decentralized oracles Empiric Network based on Starknet attracted $ 7 million during a sowing round of funding.

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