MakerDao integrates L2-solution Starknet

The MakerDao Defi Platform intends to integrate the second-level Starknet Ethereum solution to reduce transaction costs and increase the rate of translations of stablecoin DAI. This is reported by The Block.

“At the cost, this will be approximately a 10-fold improvement compared to Ethereum,” said Starknet coordinator in Louis Boduan’s project.

Regarding speed, he noted that the time processing time of transactions by the protocol is one to two minutes. During 2023, the team plans to reduce the indicator to several seconds.

Starknet integration will begin on April 28 and will be held in four stages. The completely multisalog stablecoin DAI (MCD) was deployed on Starknet at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of the next, Bauduan said.

MakerDao already supports two L2 protocols-Arbitrum and Optimism. Both networks use Optimistic Rollups scaling technology. Starknet is built on the basis of ZK-Rollups solutions.

According to Boduan, as part of the MakerDao multi-strategy multi-strategy, he seeks in the future to integrate the “majority of the second-level Ethereum networks and some key L1-blockchains”.

Recall that in February, the DAI market offer overcame the mark of 10 billion coins.