Microsoft and Lockheed will help the Pentagon introduce advanced technologies

Microsoft and Lockheed Martin have concluded a strategic partnership with the aim of developing next -generation technology for the US Department.

The agreement covers four critical areas:

  • “Secret” cloud innovations;
  • artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation;
  • advanced communications;
  • Digital transformation.

Lockheed Martin became the first private organization to get access to the “secret” cloud of Microsoft Azure Government Secret. This will allow the manufacturer of military equipment to modernize local systems, increase the level of cybersecurity and accelerate the creation of automated workloads.

The companies also began a two -year joint research and development program that will expand the capabilities of AI, modeling and simulation for the Pentagon.

Lockheed Martin will be able to use Microsoft technologies to create an immersive environment, which will allow to deploy and test military technologies in virtual environments.

“Such opportunities can reduce the expenses of the US Department of Defense and minimize the risk for military personnel by providing a digital alternative to some military exercises,” the press release said.

In addition, the agreement expands the existing cooperation of companies to provide advanced networks and safe 5G capabilities at the tactical level.

Digital transformation of processes should help increase the efficiency of Lockheed Martin in general, the statement said.

Recall that in April 2021, Microsoft won a tender for the supply of 120,000 augmented reality helmets for the American military. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 22 billion.

In August 2022, the US Army received the first 5,000 devices based on the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset.

In October, the media reported cases of malaise in the military due to the use of technical gigant helmets.

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