Cryptomir week: BTC mining complexity is growing against the background of price reduction, A16Z will launch the copyright licenses NFT

Barreldao has recently been released a NFT-spa collection with a limited circulation on the subject New market features: of SOLANA.

Animoca Brands, based in Hong Kong, WEB3 Gaming pioneer, has become famous, uniting 240 financial, gaming and social media companies in five years.

The A16Z Venturel capitalist launches special copyright licenses NFT to help the authors release and protect their intellectual property.

Sales of cryptodumen continue to grow as Ethereum ecosystem is approaching a merger.

L1/l2 week development

This week we will get acquainted with Canto, first -level blockchain in Cosmos.

Cosmos continues to attract new networks of the first level to its ecosystem, and one of its last acquisitions is Canto. Canto is a first -level blockchain built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint’s nuclei. It has complete compatibility with EVM and differs from other networks of its first level of its free public infrastructure and a schedule for the distribution of its own Canto token, which does not have a sesting period.

Read more on link. In the article we will delve into architecture, safety, tokens, performance and prospects.

Updates in Defi

This week we will introduce you to MUX, a decentralized multi-protocol of trade using borrowed funds.

Decentralized trading platforms, such as GMX, have become popular this year due to a significant increase in the volume and number of users. Unlike GMX, MUX provides universal liquidity in all its networks, which comes from both MUXLP pools and liquidity belonging to the protocol.

In this article We analyze in it the latest developments and prospects of the exchange.

Blockchain news overview in a week

A wider cryptoine is almost not changed against the background of slow recovery after news from the federal reserve system, confirming a tough position to combat inflation. Top cryptocurrencies are traded in limited ranges: the BTC is located near the threshold of 20 thousand dollars due to low volume, and ETH barely keeps at $ 1600, despite the bull mood related to the merger. Macroeconomic data was also not favorable for risky assets. The FRS tightening program will fully reveal its potential this month, which will potentially lead to further outflow of liquidity in the cryptorrhea. The moods in the derivatives market continue to weaken, while the indicators inside the network indicate good opportunities.

The number of active bitcoin users approaches the lower border of the long -term channel, which indicates a slight increase in the base of active users, since a wider market at a dead end. The current use of the network borders on the absolute minimum in history. Any fall will lead to a zone of weakness, which has not been observed for many years.

The adjusted SOPR data predict average profit and loss from coins. In the current bearish, an indicator in 1.0 acts as resistance in a situation where investors tend to unload their positions in order to restore the cost, as well as use liquidity at the output. Since ASOPR has fallen much lower than 1, this confirms the weakness in the future.

The complexity of the BTC mining has undergone the largest adjustment this year. In combination with a 12%lek of the hashReet, the correction of complexity will lead to an increase in the speed of detection of blocks and commissions, since Riga will return to the network, and transactions will compete for inclusion in the block. With the increase in the cost of electricity and the fall BTC, the complexity adjustment towards the increase will cause another blow to miners.

Macroeconomic events that should be paid attention to