Nike and RTFKT presented the first NFT collection

NIKE and RTFKT studio presented the first collection of non -replaceable tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Digital sneakers are inspired by the silhouette of Nike Dunk.

In February 2022, among owners of the Clonex project tokens and other collections from RTFKT, Mnlth Airrod – NFT in Mystery Boxes format. A few months later, the holders of the latter allowed The most popular to open their “boxes”.

Users said that a pair of RTFKT X Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks, necessary for modifying NFT, was hidden inside Mystery Box, and another Mnlth digital item.

This is fraking insane. I Just Opened My #MNLTH!! And look What I Got!
one. Sneaker
2. Vial
3. Free Mblth2 Mint Passes

Some owners of the new NFT have already set tokens on the Opensea marketplace – the price of digital sneakers starts at 3.25 ETH (~ $ 9600).

In December 2021, Nike absorbed the NFT studio RTFKT, which specializes in the creation of collection items for meta-combat. The parties did not reveal the terms of the transaction.

Recall that in February 2022, Nike filed a lawsuit for the StockX online retailer for an unauthorized sale of images of sneakers in the form of NFT.

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