The founder of Signal announced the dependence of Web 3.0 from centralized platforms

Cryptographer and founder of the messenger Signal Moxy Marinspike criticized the dependence of the Web 3 space.0 from centralized platforms. According to him, even if there is a distributed Trustless Consissus, users are forced to interact and trust several major players.

Wrote Some Notes Summarizing My First Impressions of Web3: https: // t.CO/16MOPROOGC

– Moxie Marlinspike (@moxie) January 7, 2022

In the article “My First Impression of Web3”, Marlinspike noted that centralization in the Web 2 era.0 is associated with two reasons: users do not want to manage their own servers, and protocols develop much slower than platforms.

“After more than 30 years, cryptography has not been integrated into e -mail, in turn, WhatsApp has switched from an unnecessary data transfer to completely through encryption,” he wrote.

According to Marlinspike, the crypto community pays little attention to the interaction of the Client-Server. He explained that existing blockchain technologies ensure the decentralization of infrastructure, but they do not allow customers to fully participate in network activity.

“All network diagrams are servers, a model of trust is between servers. Everything is connected with servers. The blockchain is designed as a network of equal ones, but not so that your mobile device or browser could really be one of these equals, ”he emphasized.

The founder of Signal added that decentralized applications cannot interact with the blockchain on the client side. In his opinion, the only alternative is to work through a remote node. This entails a problem – users need to trust the API suppliers like Infura and Alchemy.

“It surprises me. So much work and effort was spent on creating a distributed Trustless Consesus, but almost all customers who want to get access to it do this, simply trusting the answers of these two companies without any additional checks, ”he said.

Cryptographer also drew attention to NFT. He noted that the ERC-721 standard assumes that the blockchain does not store the data themselves, but only a link to them. Having gained access to the server with this information, you can change it at your discretion.

As an example, he cited the Ethereum NFT he created on the Ethereum NFT blockchain, depending on the IP and User Agent of the client who complied.

Marlinspike said that a few days after the NFT on Opensea, Marketplais removed token from its site. After that, he disappeared from the digital wallets of the founder of Signal.

Cryptographer explained that to display the user NFT extensions like Metamask perform requests for the API Opensea.

“In fact, Metamask does nothing special – it’s just a presentation of data supplied by centralized APIs. […] All this means that if your NFT is removed from Opensea, it will also disappear from your wallet. It doesn’t matter functionally that my token is somewhere in the blockchain, because the wallet simply uses the marketplace API to display it, ”he said.

According to Marlinspike, it is necessary to develop an architecture that uses cryptography “to distribute trust”, taking into account the fact that the interaction of the “client-server” remain centralized. He also stated that the industry should work in the direction of simplifying the development of software.

Marlelinspayka answered the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. He noted that comparing servers and nodes is not entirely correct, since the latter are not required to function continuously and uninterruptedly.

Buterin also emphasized that there are commands that implement solutions aimed at providing users with alternative options for access to blockchain. According to him, over time, even the launch of a full node “will become easier and cheaper”.

“Therefore, I do not see the technical reasons why the future should be similar to the current status quo,” he added.

According to Butaterin, there are a number of factors slowing the correction of existing problems – this is the limited technical and economic resources, as well as the complexity of the implementation of decisions in the basic protocol.

Recall that in December 2021, Jack Dorsy doubted the future decentralization of Web 3.0. According to him, the achievement of this goal will be observed by the strong influence of venture capital.

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