Patrick Quinn about the results of his work and the future Dash

Patrick now uses his experience in developing systems and software, working immediately in three positions. Along with the fulfillment of the duties of the DCG CEO, he is a chosen by the guardian of the Tao Trust (that is, a participant in the Tao Council) and the co -founder of Zaimirai, who provides hosting artisanships.

Among other things, we discussed:

  • Processes in the Dash Core Group team
  • The results of Patrick’s work
  • Dash Platform
  • Current priorities and goals Dash
  • Patrick’s previous experience

Below is a detailed interview with him.

About the processes in the Dash Core Group team

Patrick considers testing an integral part of the main team. He is sure that this is the main component of the success of any software project. And adds that the team that devotes time to high -class testing reaches the best results.

Basic moments:

  • The infrastructure of the Dash test network has a number of shortcomings. Patrick is sure that if you make additional efforts, they can be corrected. He also said that to improve testing could be purchased additional tools and equipment.
  • You could come to investment in testing funds earlier. He believes that infrastructure deficiencies can cause delays and too often lead to larger problems.
  • He also talked about what price has to pay for problems with testing. Testing problems can take at least five working days of the team per month. If you deal with them, many other problems will disappear themselves.

Patrick also shared his thoughts about the roadmap and the schedule of release of updates. He is convinced that one of his tasks as a general director is to clarify the roadmap.

“First of all, I entered into the system of indicators of the general director the goal – to clarify our roadmap and the release schedule. After all, this applies to many other things. For example, trust in us. I mean that any team of developers should be able to do work on time and fit into the budget ”.

He notes that the situation is gradually improving. He is sure that the team is working hard to solve problems. He also emphasized that problems in the test network arose due to the fuzzy roadmap.

Although he is convinced of the importance of testing and will work on its improvement, now it is focused on other tasks. He believes that he will personally oversee the process of correcting errors, because he has experience in developing. Since he began to work in this area, he has always preferred a practical approach. He is deeply convinced that you need to participate in the project that you lead.

About Patrick’s activities in DCG

Patrick also told how he sees the results of his work. When he only took office of the temporarily acting general director of DCG, he, together with the team, created a list of quantitative assessment of the stages. These stages need to be completed in 90 days. And then the Dash community will decide whether he succeeded or not.

Its system of indicators is repelled from the fact that it leads a software company specializing in the blockchain technology. Today the most interesting projects in the industry are precisely blockchain projects.

“Our team is developing software, and this is our essence. Of course, if you dig deeper, we are a cryptocurrency blockchain project. Now these are the most interesting projects in the world, but above all we are a developer company. That’s what DCG is. Therefore, I believe that we should show the highest level of study and professionalism, when it comes to developing software and release of the product.”

He also noted that DCG was faced with mass criticism. He thinks that DCG is included in the top of the most criticized developer companies in the world. But he believes that this criticism is often justified. Critics continue to reproach DCG for the fact that they are lagging behind the release schedule.

He shared that DCG was engaged in the last year that she conducted interviews and hired employees, intending to recruit the most talented developers. But there are still few of them. And if you release what the community wants, then Dash will grow in his eyes. Thus, increasing the authority of DCG in the Dash community has become one of the main tasks.

The second result of Patrick’s work was the formulation of the vision of Dash. He is sure that the vision of Dash entails the formulation of the vision of Web3. Patrick was carried away by the idea of ​​Web3 long before Web3 gained its features. Although there was a lot of noise around this idea, Dash has not yet released what he promised. Patrick said that he would double his efforts to improve the roadmap.

And then he will work on the vision of dash. The goal is that ordinary people become interested in the Dash project. To achieve this, dash needs a clear vision. Thus, it will become clear what kind of benefit the developers, users, investors and other coins will receive. While he is standing at the helm, Patrick hopes to clarify what exactly will give people web3, because on this subject, obviously, there are some misconceptions.

Basic moments:

  • Increased confidence in DCG
  • Work on determining the vision dash
  • Defining the goals of DASH Platforms C Web3

A great achievement will clearly determine the vision of dash. Patrick is sure that Dash competes with large platforms such as Ethereum, which also work on Web3. A clear vision of Dash will maintain competitiveness.

“Everyone is just talking about Web3. And there is no consent in this regard. Therefore, it is so difficult to imagine it clearly. You need a clear definition, not to mention a clear vision and a convincing message for users and holders of coins. I want to say, we compete with Ethereum and all those who talk about Web3 and tells the whole world that it is their project, blockchain, product or application that will change everything.”

He adds: “I want our competitiveness to be on top. And I think that we can achieve this by improving our vision. A great contribution to this business makes our community, it helps us to become better, because these are reasoned opinions from the outside. We only need to gather them all together, coordinate and strengthen this vision ”.

About Dash Platform

Patrick also expressed his opinion about Dash Platform, which has been in development for five years. He told how the platform will affect Web3 when it will finally be released. He noted that Dash Platform has good prospects.

He is sure that Dash Platform will be a good product. But this is not enough due to high competition in this area. And DCG needs to work well so that the platform comes out truly excellent. To succeed, dash needs to offer potential users more obvious and significant values.

Dash Platform – not a niche product for a narrow segment. This is a platform for a mass user. Dash needs to bring convincing arguments so that the developers create their applications on this platform. In addition, you need to convince the values ​​of the Platform of the end user. According to Patrick to succeed, dash needs to go beyond the limits of your community.

As for the current Dash community, Patrick noted that it consists of technically savvy users who enthusiastically use new products. The platform will become attractive to the mass consumer only when it can be used without special knowledge.

“This is another goal that needs to be achieved with Dash Platform. We need to create attractive use options for ordinary users who are not related to development and do not own masternoda.”

Patrick is sure that in order to achieve success, Dash should find an excellent vision of prospects, adhere to a roadmap and steadily produce products. He emphasized that the roadmap provides for the production of Platform, followed by version 1.1 and further iterations.

About current priorities and goals dash

Patrick noted which areas of the attention of Dash is now directed. He said that debate does not stop about whether Dash should focus on digital money or Web3 platform. He said that several people from DCG believe that dash needs to aim at providing Web3 technologies in the future. They include solutions for identification, solutions for data storage, etc.D.

“When Dash fulfills all its promises, the use of dash as digital money will follow by itself. The more DASH PLATFORM use options, the more people will want to work with Dash currency. Thus, Dash will automatically become in demand as a currency “.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the use of cryptocurrency. He noted that only a few governments today recognize the cryptocurrency as legal payment. Now most of the world is hostile to it. He gave an example to the United States, where most jurisdictions I consider a cryptocurrency an asset, as a result, it is difficult to use it as a currency. For example, if someone tries to pay cryptocurrency for coffee, this may be considered a taxable event.

Dash will not try to convince people that it is a currency. He emphasized that Dash is now in 75th place in terms of market capitalization. To convince all people to use it as a new world currency in the current situation will be quite difficult.

Patrick believes that this is a good example of the problem of the first user. He said that almost everyone in the Dash community understands the advantages of Dash as currency. With this version of use, it stands out favorably against the background of fiat currencies. For example, people like high speed, low commissions and convenience. But to convince a mass user is difficult to convince.

Instead of trying to win in this field, DCG will focus on those areas where it is easier to achieve success. For example, creating attractive use of Dash ecosystem itself. This will spur the implementation of Dash and improve the course. The growth of the course will attract more attention to the coin, which, in turn, will lead to new rounds of viral growth.

Basic moments:

  • Focus for technology attention for Web 3.0
  • Convincing people to use dash as a new world reserve currency is now quite difficult
  • DCG will focus on areas where it is easier to achieve success, for example, creating attractive Dash ecosystems.

About previous experience Patrick

Patrick briefly spoke about his professional experience. He worked in the administration of information networks and systems since 1997. In 1999, he switched to software development. He said that “it was love at first sight”. Since then, it has been working mainly with the development of.

“In 1997, I mastered the administration of information networks and systems, and in 1999 I switched to software development, and it was love at first sight. And I have never regretted. I am a very devoted guy, and if I fell in love with the software once, then this is love forever ”.

Patrick worked as a developer for many years and received great pleasure from his work. In addition, he was an entrepreneur and once decided to open a company for the development of. And this company worked for twenty years.

In 2015, one of his employees, Perry Woodin, quit. At that time, Wudin worked on Dash as a third -party project. He later said that he had quit precisely because of Dash.

Wudin told Patrick that he found a partner to launch Node40 – one of the very first hosting for masternodes in the Dash ecosystem. Patrick became interested in Dash and soon began to invest in him. In 2018, he still watched from the side and supported Perry Woodin, who was one of the first to join the Dash fund.

During the first elections in 2019, Woods chose for two terms as a keeper of the Dash Trust. When he left his post in 2021, he recommended the candidacy of Patrick, who was chosen by voting for a second term. It turned out that one period is too few, and the community worked to increase it. And the guardian of the fund found that it is almost impossible to achieve something significant in such a short time.

Patrick also continued to work on his business. In 2020, he met a business angel who became a partner in his company. In August 2021, they became partners in Perry Woodin’s business – Hosting Masternod Node40.

Now Patrick is temporarily acting as DCG CEO. He claims that DCG is faced with typical problems of the developer. Everything comes down to coordinating actions and the release of attractive products.

At the end of the interview, Patrick admitted that at the beginning of his work he wanted to study psychology. He was so decisively configured that he even received a diploma in the field of psychology. And was going to work on a doctoral dissertation. But then he survived the existential crisis and could not decide what he really wanted to do.

As a result, he changed the work in the field of psychology to administration of networks, while not possessing any skills. Fortunately, the company he settled down in accepted him to the position of junior programmer. Colleagues dubbed him “Zigmund” because of the formation of a psychologist, and this nickname was assigned to him for many years.