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Senators Richard Durbin, Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith sent CEO Fidelity Investments to Abigail Johnson, a letter called to revise the Bitcoin option in cumulative pension accounts 401 (K).

Reuters: FTX purchased real estate for $ 121 million for the environment of its ex-head

Parents of the ex-head of the FTX and Alameda Research Sam Bankman-Frida, he himself and top managers of organizations became the owners of at least 19 premium real estate objects worth $ 121 million. This follows from the documents that were accessed in Reuters.

Experts pointed out a reduction in crypto liquidity after the collapse of FTX

The ability to perform large trading operations with digital assets without a noticeable influence on their prices was significantly reduced after FTX collapse. This conclusion was reached by KAIKO analysts.

Users filed a lawsuit against Nexo due to blocking assets

Nexo cryptolending platform became the defendant in the lawsuit of its users. The basis was the blocking of the output of digital assets worth ~ £ 107 million (~ $ 126 million), writes Cityam.

Investors recordly increased investments in bear Bitcoin funds

The influx of funds in cryptocurrency investment products from November 12 to 18 amounted to $ 43.7 million against $ 42 million weeks earlier. Such grades were cited by CoinShares analysts.

There were rumors about DCG problems against the background of FTX collapse in the community

The refusal of the Grayscale Investments digital assets from the disclosure of reserves and the suspension of the Genesis Trading OTC platform of cryptoning operations caused fears in the stability of the entire group of Digital Currency Group (DCG).

FTX owed the 50 largest creditors $ 3.1 billion

The FTX Bitcoin Exchange passing through the bankruptcy procedure and the organizations associated with it have outstanding obligations to the 50 largest creditors for $ 3.1 billion. This follows from the materials of the court.

Media: Genesis Trading requested emergency funding of $ 1 billion

The Genesis Trading OTC platform requested access to a credit line of $ 1 billion by the morning of November 14, referring to a lack of liquidity. About this with reference to informed sources writes The Wall Street Journal.

Multicoin predicted a quick collapse of trading companies due to FTX

The consequences of infection of the collapse of the FTX will show themselves in the foreseeable future. This is stated in the statement for investors of the venture company Multicoin Capital, writes CNBC.

The authorities of the Bahamas arrested FTX Digital Markets assets

On November 12, the Bahamas Securities Commission transferred all the FTX Digital Markets (FDM) assets to the wallet controlled by it.

Binance confirmed the discussion with regulators of its role in the collapse of FTX

The regulators of many countries have sent Binance requests on its involvement in FTX collapse. This Block was confirmed by a representative of the cryptocurrency exchange. The employee of the company refused to provide details, referring to the confidentiality of dialogue with supervisory authorities. Earlier, the exchange experts responded to the relevant questions of members of the House of Communities of Great Britain. Parliamentarians expressed disappointment with the lack of specifics in the answers received. According to Bloomberg, the Committee of the Treasury […]

Nansen restored the chronology and found the root cause of the collapse of FTX

About 86% Utility Tokens FTX (FTT) were originally controlled by the Bitcoin-Tirges itself and also associated with Sam Bankman-Fried Alameda Research. Such conclusions are contained in the study of Nansen.

Journalists learned about the “stuck” $ 10 million Vauld in the accounts in FTX

Passing through the restructuring procedure of cryptolending platform Vauld kept $ 10 million in the bills of the bankrupt FTX. This was reported by The Block.

Glassnode recorded the growth of “paper” losses of bitcoin-hoplings

The unrealized loss of the “average” long-term bitcoin investor reached 33%, Glassnode analysts shared calculations.

The Uniswap website went offline due to problems with Cloudflare

The Uniswap website was inaccessible to some users because of the problem on the side of the Cloudflare network service provider, according to Discord project. Developers recommended using the IPFS link.

Bitstamp has received a license for digital assets provider in Spain

Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange has been a license for the service provider in the digital asset market in Spain. About this writes The Block.

Journalists learned about the new application of Binance.US in auction for Voyager assets

American Binance division submitted a new application to participate in the auction for the sale of assets of the bankrupt lender Voyager Digital. About this with reference to informed sources writes Coindesk.

The new CEO FTX called not to focus on Bankman-Frida’s statements

The CEO FTX and restructuring director John Ray emphasized that Sam Bankman-Fried has no constant role and does not act on behalf of Bitcoin-Birzhi and companies affiliated with it.

Genesis Trading stopped cryptolending operations

Cryptocurrency Platform Genesis Trading froze the withdrawal of funds and the issuance of new loans. This happened against the backdrop of “increased requests” from customers after FTX collapse.

Kevin O’liri announced his readiness to support Bankman-Fried in a new project

Investor and star of the Shark Tank television show Kevin O’Lii announced the desire to support ex-s-ftx Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) if they launch a new startup.

Coinbase predicted prolonged cryptosima due to ftx collapse

FTX collapse undermined the trust of investors and is able to extend the cryptosima until the end of 2023. This point of view is adhere to Coinbase analysts.

The hacker hacked FTX was a list of Ethereum Kitov

The stolen 228 523 ETH (~ $ 288.5 million) with FTX unknown was 35 in the list of the largest owners of the second cryptocurrency capitalization.

FTX collapse led to record What are nodes sales of hardware wallets

Ledger and Trezor hardware manufacturers recorded a significant increase in devices sales against FTX problems. Decrypt writes about this.

FTX reported more than a million creditors

The bankruptcy statement submitting a bankruptcy of the United States on Bankruptcy Operator Bitcoin-Birzhi FTX has more than a million creditors. This follows from the document for the court.

1inch Network presented the fifth version of the Protocol of the liquidity aggregator with DEX

1inch Network Defi project launched the fifth version of the liquidity aggregator protocol with DEX. 1inch Router V5 will offer “at least 10% gas savings in the exchange of tokens” in comparison with other platforms, the teams said for FORKLOGLOG.

Sam Bankman-Fried: everything could turn out to be much worse

Ex-head of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) in an interview with New York Times has repeatedly expressed regrets about the Bitcoin-Birzhi collapse and admitted that events could develop in a more dramatic way.

Analysts pointed to the persistence of the Hodler and the stress of miners against the background of the collapse of FTX

Reducing the balance of Hodler does not indicate a widespread loss of confidence in the prospects of digital gold. However, miners, against the background of the FTX collapse of turbulence, got rid of 9.5% of bitcoin reserves, indicated in Glassnode.

Media: Amazon will fire a record in its history 10,000 employees

Amazon will reduce 10,000 people, which is about 3% of the corporate and 1% global state of the giant of electronic commerce. About this with reference to informed sources writes The New York Times.

Visa has stopped cooperation with FTX for the release of debit cards

VISA payment giant refused partnership with FTX after submitting a Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Betcoin Exchange. This writes Reuters.

Crypto funds attracted the maximum amount of funds in three months

The influx of funds in cryptocurrency investment products from November 5 to 11 amounted to $ 42 million against outflow of $ 15.6 million a week earlier. Such grades were cited by CoinShares analysts.

Bloomberg was unlikely to return FTX customers of their funds

FTX liquid assets reserves are only $ 900 million, while its obligations are estimated at ~ $ 9 billion. This follows from the presentation for investors, which was prepared by Bitcoin-Birzha before submitting a bankruptcy statement, writes Bloomberg.

FTX collapse led to a record reduction in exchanger bitcoin balances

Against the background of the FTX collapse, a record outflow of bitcoins from the balance sheets of exchanges to cold wallets was observed. The monthly pace reached 106,000 BTC, calculated Glassnode analysts.

Kraken froze the FTX and ALAMEDA accounts

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange at the request of law enforcement agencies blocked accounts belonging to FTX Group, including Alameda Research, as well as their leaders.

New York FRB united with the Central Bank of Singapore to study CBDC

The Innovation Center of the Federal Tax Service of New York and the Cash-Credit Management of Singapore (MAS) launched the CEDAR PHASE II X Ubin project+. It is aimed at studying the compatibility of wholesale CBDC in cross -border transactions.

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