UNISWAP users supported the deployment of the protocol on the L2-solution of ZKSYNC

The Uniswap decentralized community supported the deployment of the third version of the protocol on the solution of the second level of ZKSYNC for scaling Ethereum.

Matter Labs nominated by the developer L2, the offer voted almost 100% of Uniswap participants, which blocked 720 million UNI tokens.

“Determination on ZKSYNC will allow you to attract new users and increase the base for Uniswap, reducing costs compared to Ethereum without prejudice https://gagarin.news/news/google-has-filed-a-patent-for-the-trademark-non-fungible-planet/ to security,” the proposal said.

Matter Labs said they have more than 100 projects, including leading Defi protocols that are ready to launch in the main network. The start of the work of Mainnet is expected during October.

EVM -compatible network is built on the protocol evidence with zero disclosure and uses ZK -Rollups technology.

According to the statement, Uniswap deployment may follow within four to six weeks after starting the main ZKSYNC network.

“ZKSYNC as an open source project shares the ideals of Ethereum committed to personal sovereignty, decentralization and property in the hands of the community,” the developers said.

They recalled that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called ZK-Rollups technology central place in scalability of blockchain.

Recall that the Matter Labs team announced the launch of the publicly available test network of the third level of Pathfinder in the first quarter of 2023.

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