The developers of the Tornado Cash mixer held a large -scale ceremony of a trusted installation for 1114 people

The developers of the Tornado Cash Ethereum Mixer carried out a trusted installation ceremony. Now the smart contract code works in mode without confidence, since the developers eliminated the parameters that allow them to interfere in the work of the mixer using fake evidence with zero disclosure.

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The ceremony was attended by 1114 people, including Vitalik Buterina and Gavin Andresen. According to the creators of Tornado Cash, this is the most large -scale trusted attitude in history.

“The method underlying the method, known as“ multilateral calculations ”(Multi-Party Compution (MPC), makes Tornado Cash“ absolutely confidential ”, – said co -founder Roman Storm in an interview with Coindesk.

The launch of the first version of Tornado Cash took place in August 2019.

Tornado Cash was another solution based on evidence with zero disclosure (ZK-Snarks), along with Aztec and Nightfall from Ernst & Young.

At the same time, Chainalysis doubted the effectiveness of privacy function in the new service.

“While decisions like Tornado Cash can make it difficult to monitor funds, Chainalysis can often still be able to track cash flows through them”, – noted the company representative Maddy Kennedy.

Before that, in November, the developer Gavin Andresen recommended using additional measures, such as disguise IP addresses, which is far from always applied.

“I will not be surprised if the analysis conducted after three years shows that 85% of Tornado Cash users did not retain the privacy. And this will not happen due to narrow places in technology, but because of misunderstanding how it works “, – said Andresen then.

A new approach can cause problems with regulators. On the network for combating financial crimes (Fincen) noted that services such as Tornado Cash may fall under the definition of a cash transfer provider, which requires an appropriate license and compliance with the US Banking Secret Law.

Despite the fact that Tornado Cash functions autonomously, not assuming the participation of the developers, Roman Storm and his colleagues nevertheless included in the updated version compliance with a number of legislative requirements.

The new version includes a cryptographic “note”, which can provide evidence of any transaction presented in the history. This function was added in the light of reports on the freezing of user accounts with crypto -rhizas who had coins with the history of mixing.

“We are in a slightly different situation [than the other wallets of mixers]. I think that it is very important for us to meet the requirements “, – explained Storm.

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