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Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has introduced an updated brand strategy, as a result of which the platform will abandon the official name Huobi Global. This was reported by FORKLOG representatives of the project.

Experts discovered Trojan to steal cryptocurrencies through the extension of Chrome

Malicious software for Windows is disguised as a Google Chrome browser expansion and steal information and cryptocurrencies, Avast experts said.

Binance launched a cloud mining service bitcoin

The Binance Pool mining pool launched the Cloud Mining service, which will allow users to purchase a hashReit and get bitcoin in the cloud.

WSJ: Binance refused to save Genesis Trading

Binance Bitcoin-Torge will not invest in Genesis Trading against the background of searching for an emergency funding platform in the amount of $ 1 billion. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The expert announced the shortcomings of accounting and operational control with Celsius

The bankrupt Celsius platform could not establish sufficient records and operational control for handling clients. This was stated by an independent expert Nod Pillai.

Uniswap has updated the rules for collecting user data

The leading non -codial exchanger Uniswap has updated the privacy policy and spoke about the rules for protecting user data.

The difficulty of mining rose to a new maximum

As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining of the first cryptocurrency increased by 0.51%. The indicator compensated the previous insignificant rollback and reached a new maximum at the mark of 36.95 tons.

Billionaire Bill Akman supported the crypto industry and revealed his investments

A billionaire investor and CEO Pershing Square Capital Bill Akman optimistically appreciated the prospects of cryptocurrencies, despite recent events in the industry, including FTX collapse.

The hacker hacked FTX transferred 50,000 ETH to bitcoin

Stolen more than 250 735 ETH (~ $ 235.5 million) at the FTX exchange, unknown, exchanged 50,000 ETH for wrapped bitcoin from Ren Protocol and connected the assets to the cross-bridge for transfer to the main network.

The lawyer doubted the proper examination of investments in FTX

Investors in the bankrupt exchange of FTX ignored the warning signals contained directly in presentations to rounds. This conclusion was reached by Simmons partner & Simmons George Morris, reports The Block.

The Sui Network project launched a test network

The MISTEN Labs startup, founded by ex-engineers, announced the launch of the first-level blockchain test network SUI Network.

NFT-marketplace Metaplex based on Solana fired part of the team against the background of the collapse of FTX

The NFT-protocol developer MetaPlex from the SOLANA ecosystem has fired an unnamed number of employees due to a deterioration in a market environment. This was announced by the co -founder and CEO of the company Stephen Hess.

The investor spoke about the “catastrophic” tendency to the risk of Sam Bankman-Fried

Serious fears regarding the methods of activity of the founder of the crash of the FTX Exchange Sam Bankman-Frida appeared before the base of the platform. About this CNBC was told by the managing partner of Hack VC Alexander Pak.

Certik experts opened the black market KYC

Cryptocurrency scammers have access to "cheap and affordable" The Black Market, whose participants are ready to take a personality verification for them as part of the KYC procedures, said Certik specialists.

CEO FTX accused the ex-breeding of the exchange of providing Alameda Research preferences

The new CEO FTX John Ray accused Sam Bankman-Frida and other ex-heads of the exchange of hiding the illegal use of client funds and the “Secret release of Alameda Research from some aspects of the auto-orch protocol” on the platform.

The German regulator called the interest of banks in cryptocurrencies “limited”

The interest of German banks in the offer of cryptocurrency trading for customers looks limited, since the institutions received only four licenses for storing digital assets in BAFIN. This was stated by the president of the department Mark Branson.

Compute North will sell Crusoe mining equipment $ 1.55 million

The bankruptcy court in Texas approved the sale of the Crusoe Energy Systems blockchain hosting by the Crusoe Energy Systems Blockchain.

B2C2 intends to buy a loan portfolio Genesis Tradition

Cryptocurrency Platform B2C2 plans to buy a loan portfolio worth about $ 2.8 billion from a competitor of Genesis Trading, experiencing financial difficulties.

In the US Congress, they became interested in the role of Binance in the collapse of FTX

The role of Binance in the sudden collapse of one of the competitors, the FTX exchange, was under the close attention of the US Congress. This was announced by The Block by a member of the House of Representatives Patrick McGenry.

Against Core Scientific filed a collective lawsuit

Core Scientific shareholder filed a collective lawsuit against a mining company for concealing unfavorable financial factors that led to investors losses.

Media: South Korea’s authorities searched for the co -founder of Terraform Labs

The South Korean prosecutor’s office conducted searches in the payment company Chai Corporation, founded by the co -founder of Terraform Labs by Daniel Shin. This is reported by Forkast.

Auditors confirmed the use of the LFG fund for $ 2.8 billion to save UST

The technical audit of actions by Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) conducted by the JS HELD showed that the organization spent a reserve fund of about $ 2.8 billion exclusively to protect the binding of algorithmic stablecoin Terrausd (UST).

Bybit has opened user assets

BYBIT Bitcoin Excava has revealed the volume of the main assets in user wallets-it amounted to about $ 1.9 billion. The service is implemented in partnership with the analytical company Nansen.

Circle opened investment in FTX

The USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin issuer, Circle, owns investment in FTX Group shareholder capital in the amount of about $ 10.6 million. The company reported this in a statement for SEC.

The court on the Bagams approved the liquidators of the FTX assets

The Supreme Court of the Bahamas, granted the request of the Securities Commission on the appointment of temporary liquidators FTX Digital Markets (FDM).

The head of Binance has announced the joint work of cryptos with regulators

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao plans to unite the largest crypto industry players for working together with politicians and regulators. He stated this during the AMA session.

Associated with the alleged hacking of the FTX address resumed activity

Realized with the withdrawal of FTX funds in the amount of more than $ 400 million, the account began the exchange of assets for Ethereum (ETH), paid attention to PeckShield.

Experts appreciated the scale of crypto funds loss due to ftx collapse

Losses of cryptocurrency funds due to bankruptcy FTX can be up to $ 5 billion. This was reported by BlockWorks with reference to the study by Crypto Fund Research.

The media spoke about the prospects of criminal prosecution of the head of FTX

The US Ministry of Justice has everything you need to initiate a criminal case against CEO FTX Sam Bankman-Fried and other leaders of a bankrupt exchange. This opinion Fortune was expressed by a lawyer.

Bitfarms reduced the loss in the quarter to $ 85 million

The Bitfarms mining company recorded in the third quarter a net loss of $ 85 million against $ 142 million in the previous period.

Skyrex recognized user loss through compromising API Slok

Skyrex cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform announced the attack. As a result of compromise of the API key, the owner of the Jelly Esports NFT project under the pseudonym Carlosomfg was affected.

Canaan quarterly profit collapsed 90%

For the third quarter, the manufacturer of Bitcoin Mainers Kanaan received a net profit of 61.1 million yuan ($ 8.6 million). The indicator collapsed 90% in relation to the previous period.

AAX Bitcoin-Birzha suspended the withdrawal of funds

AAX cryptocurrency exchange, based in Hong Kong, suspended the withdrawal of funds. As a reason, the company called the planned update of the system.

Flare Defi project on BNB Chain hacked $ 17.9 million

The unknown deduced from the Defi-protocol Flare on BNB Chain assets of $ 17.9 million. The protocol token collapsed to zero, Peckshield experts drew attention.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.