Media: Google bought ALTAP ALTER for $ 100 million

Google has acquired a startup to create avatars using ALTER artificial intelligence for $ 100 million. Techcrunch writes about this.

According to the source, the deal was closed two months ago, but this was not reported publicly. Some Alter top managers have updated their profiles in LinkedIn and indicated an accession to Google, without mentioning the acquisition.

The representative of the technical gigant confirmed that the company bought Alter. He refused to comment on the terms of the transaction.

According to a friend of a source, Google hopes to use Alter to improve and expand his content offers, as well as to increase competition with Tiktok.

Alter headquarters is located in the Czech Republic and the USA. Startup founded in 2017 called Facemoji.

The platform offered Plug-And-Play technology to help the developers of games and applications add avatars systems to their programs. The startup received initial funding of $ 3 million from the Play Ventures, Roosh Ventures and Twitter.

FaceMoji later renamed Alter.

Recall that in October the media reported that Google is in negotiations on investing at least $ 200 million in the Cohere-Startap Cohere.

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