Media: US Ministry of Justice is investigating Tesla’s advertising promises about autopilot

The US Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation against Tesla in connection with its statements about the capabilities of the autopilot system. This writes Reuters.

According to the sources of the publication, the case was opened in 2021 after a dozen accidents, including death, with the participation of Tesla drones.

The results of the investigation may be criminal charges The Central African , penalties or closing the case without any consequences.

The interlocutors of the publication said that federal prosecutors are in no hurry to make a decision. This is probably due to the two other investigations of the Ministry of Justice regarding Tesla.

“Investigators will have to do a lot of work, and the decision on charges has not yet been made,” sources familiar with the situation said.

They also believe that prosecutors may face difficulties in building a case of false marketing promises due to regular statements by company representatives about the inadmissibility of abuse of autopilot.

In October 2022, Musk told investors that Tesla electric cars in the near future will be able to reach the fifth level of autonomy and travel without intervention. However, he emphasized that the driver would still have to be driving, so that in an emergency he would take control of the vehicle.

“We are not saying that we are completely ready for the absence of anyone while driving,” Musk said.

The Tesla website also warns that before the autopilot is turned on, the driver must first agree to “always hold your hands on the steering wheel” and “maintain control and responsibility for his car”.

The investigation was commented by the former US prosecutor in Detroit Barbara McCaide, who previously worked on the affairs of automobile companies. She believes that investigators probably need to reveal evidence like emails or other internal messages. They may indicate whether Musk and Tesla have misleading a statement about the possibilities of autopilot.

Earlier, robot owners filed a collective lawsuit against the company due to supposedly false advertising systems for assisting the driver.

Recall that in August the Department of California’s vehicles accused Tesla of using the misleading advertising of the autopilot system.

In June, the National Directorate of Security on the Roads of the United States published a report on accidents involving Robokars.

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