The launch of the Kintsugi twisted to check the transition to Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum developers launched the Kintsugi test network to check the consequences of the merger of blockchains on the consensus algorithms Proof-off -work and Proof-OF-Stake.

“We recommend that most projects start testing and create prototypes on Kintsugi in order to identify any potential problems in the Kim Kardashian near future. This will facilitate the amendments to future versions of the client and the specifications, ”Tim Beiko wrote on the blog blog.

He recalled that after the merger, the full client of Ethereum consists of the Node Beacon (the network of the zero phase ETH 2.0) and the performance mechanism processed by the existing client ETH 1.0. Both levels support the end points of the API and P2P connections to perform their role.

According to Beiko, after the test results are taken into account and specifications, the last series of patches will be launched.

All existing test networks will pass through the merger stage. As soon as after the update they consider them stable, the Ethereum Mainnet transition to the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm will begin.

Recall that Ethereum co -founder Joseph Lyubin predicted the launch of the second or third or third quarters of 2022.