Helium was called unreasonable Delistral HNT token on Binance

Binance Binance Bitcoin-Birgi has no reason to remove trading pairs with the Helium Network token (HNT) token platform. Forbes said about this by the operating director of the Helium Foundation project, Scott Siegel.

His commentary followed after the announcement of Binance about Delistral from October 12-14 several pairs with HNT on a spare and marginal platforms.

The representative of the exchange Jessica Jung told the publication that all assets in the listing are periodically checked for compliance with the requirements.

“When a coin or token no longer complies with this high standard or changes occur in the industry, we conduct a more thorough analysis and, perhaps, exclude them from the listing to protect our users,” she added.

Siegel in response noted that “Binance has no reason to remove pairs with HNT”.

“The integrity of HNT has not changed, it continues to meet all the exchanges established by the exchange with the requirements. There are dozens of other platforms that continue to support the token. We hope that BINANCE will change the course and will soon conduct reliste steam, ”he said.

According to Carol Van Cliff from Bradley’s law firm, exchanges often exclude assets from Listing when regulators begin to investigate the projects standing behind them. Binance announced the cessation along with the HNT trading of the OOKI/BNB spa pair. In September, the U.S. URSE -FIRE TRAING (CFTC) filed a lawsuit against Ooki DAO, in which token is used to manage.

About any actions of supervisory departments, including CFTC or SEC, regarding Helium is unknown. The community expressed several versions explaining the step Binance.

Some recalled the September incident The cryptocurrency , as a result of which the exchange mistakenly accrued users of 4.8 million HNT worth about $ 19 million instead of a cheaper mobile coin. It is paid to Helium 5G infrastructure operators.

Other commentators drew attention to the recent change in the policy of the platform regarding some stablecoins. Exchange deleys HNT pairs with Busd and USDT.

Forbes noted that the HNT divisting on Binance was followed by the published investigation to receive the “unreasonable payments for millions of dollars” after launching token by the founders of the project.

Despite the fact that Helium attracted $ 250 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global and other investors, the network income for 2021 amounted to only $ 92,000. It was assumed that users will be able to earn money as NOD operators by buying equipment from the company for $ 500. One of the owners of the device told the publication that the revenue is several dollars a month, and after paying for electricity it turns into losses.

Previously, Helium was in the center of the scandal when the network said as a developer for SalesForce and Lime Electric Special Manufacturer. Both companies have refuted any relationship according to Forbes.

Recall that in September, the Helium community supported migration from its own blockchain on Solana.

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