In Moldova, cryptocurrency mining was banned due to energy criticism

The Moldovan Emergency Commission introduced a number of measures to save electricity during the crisis. One of the points affects the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Earlier, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Zipin warned of electricity deficiency from October 24 due to massive attacks of the Russian Federation on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine and reducing the supply of Russian gas.

During the meeting on October 25, the commission approved measures to combat the energy crisis in the country. According to the decree:

  • Mining of cryptocurrencies and imports of the necessary equipment is prohibited;
  • Citizens are recommended not to use elevators (from 07:00 to 11:00 and from 18:00 to 23:00);
  • commercial real estate administrators should reduce lighting by 30%, turn off the fountains, windows, advertising shields and escalators, as well as reduce the temperature inside the buildings;
  • local governments need to study the possibility of reducing the brightness of street lighting and t.D.

Moldova Prime Minister Natalya Gavrilitsa also urged citizens to save electricity to reduce the load on the energy system.

Recall that in mid -October, the European Commission warned of a possible suspension of mining in the EU if the need to “smooth out the load in electric systems” arose.

Prior to this, the vice-chairman of the European Securities and Markets Directorate Eric Tedin called for prohibiting the production of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the Proof-OF-WORK algorithm.

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